Computer Operator Questions – Computer Fundamentals MCQs PDF – Network 3

Computer Operator Questions – Computer Fundamentals MCQs PDF – Network 3

  1. In mesh topology, relation between one device and another is

a.       Client to client

b.      Server to Server

c.   Peer to peer

d.      Client to Server

Answer:- c.   Peer to peer

   2. The performance of data communication network depends on

a.       The transmission

b.      The hardware and software

c.       Number of user

d.  All of them

Answer:- d.  All of them

 3. What is internet explorer

a.       An Icon

b.      A File Managers

c.   A Browser

d.      The Internet

Answer:- c.   A Browser

4. Bank’s ATM network is an example of

a.       Internet

b.      Intranet

c.   Extranet

d.      Exonet

Answer:- c.   Extranet

5. In the layer hierarchy as the data packet moves from the upper to the lower layer, headers are

a.   Added

b.      Removed

c.       Rearranged

d.      Modified

Answer:- a.   Added

6. A network connecting all computer of an organization and using IP is

a.       Internet

b.  Intranet

c.        Extranet

d.      Exo net

Answer:- b.  Intranet

7. To create web page we use

a.       TCP/IP

b.      WWW

c.   HTML

d.      FTP

Answer:- c.   HTML

8. HTTP support

a.       Proxy domain

b.      Proxy Document

c.   Proxy server

d.      Proxy IP

Answer:- c.   Proxy server

 9. First popular web browser was introduced in

a.   1993

b.      1995

c.       1998

d.      1991

Answer:- a.   1993

10.  What is Search engine

a.       A program that search engine

b.      A hardware component

c.   A website that search anything

d.      A machinery engine that search data

Answer:- c.   A website that search anything

 11. What domain use for non-profitable organization

a.       Gov

b.  Org

c.       Net

d.      In

Answer:- b.  Org

 12. Name of first popular web browser

a.       IBM Browse

b.      Google Chrome

c.       Mozila Firefox


Answer:- d.  MOSAIC

13. What is a web browser

a.       A program that display a webpage

b.      A program used to view html document

c.       It enables user to access the resources of internet

d.   All of above

Answer:- d.  All of above

14. Common gateway interface is used to

a.   Generate executable files from web control by web server

b.      Generate web page

c.       Stream video

d.      None

Answer: a.   Generate executable files from web control by web server

15. Private using partner Network is called

a.       Internet

b.      Intranet

c.   Extranet

d.      Exo net

Answer:- c.   Extranet

  16. A piece of icon or image on a webpage associated with another web pages is

a.       URL

b.  Hyperlink

c.       Plugin

d.      None

Answer: b.  Hyperlink

17. The name of the protocol which provide virtual terminal in TCP/IP model?

a.       FTP

b.  Telnet

c.       SMTP

d.      HTTP

Answer: b.  Telnet

18. Web browser is

a.       System software

b.  Application Software

c.       Utility software

d.      None

Answer:- b.  Application Software

19. What is 1’s complement of 100

a.       110

b.      10

c.   11

d.      001

Answer:-c.   11

20. Junk mail is called

a.   Spam

b.      Draft

c.       Spool

d.      None

Abswer:- a.   Spam

21. How  many sub layer does OSI model layer 2 has

a.       1

b.      3

c.   2

d.      4

Answer: c.   2

22. The full form of bps

a.       Binary per second

b.  Bit per second

c.       Byte per second

d.      None of above

Answer:- b.  Bit per second

23. Which of the following is web browser

a.       Lynx

b.      Firefox

c.       Konqueror

d.   All of them

Answer:- d.  All of them

 24. Segment are found in which layer

a.       Network

b.      Session

c.   Transport

d.      Data link

Answer:- c.   Transport

 25. PDU stands for

a.       Protocol Datagram Unit

b.      Primary data unit

c.       Procedure datagram unit

d.  Protocol Data Unit

Answer:- d.  Protocol Data Unit

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