Computer Operator Syllabus of Lok Sewa Aayog Na Su Computer 2078/79

New – Computer Operator Syllabus of Lok Sewa Aayog Na Su Computer 2078/79

Lok Seva Aayog Nepal has recently updated the syllabus for the 5th level of a computer operator. The Computer Operator Syllabus 2078 has different as compared to the previous syllabus for computer operators. If you are preparing from the previous syllabus so you have to start with the new syllabus today.

The syllabus has different categories such as General Knowledge, Subjective questions, and objective questions. You have to prepare for three levels of examination which were written examinations practical examinations and interviews.  The Computer Operator New Syllabus for the 5th level of a computer operator (Lok Sewa Aayog Na Su Computer) was implemented on 2078/10/24.

Here is the basic examination scheme.

The first written examination test was Where it into two parts first paper and the second paper. In the first papers, you have to solve general awareness and general aptitude tests. For the first papers, the full mark is 100 and the pass mark is 40 you have to solve objectives and MCQs.

In the first paper, you have to solve 25 questions and applications have two numbers, the first paper has also a job knowledge test where you have to solve objective and MCQ which was 25 questions with 2 numbers paper questions. The first paper total pass mark hundred and pass mark is 40 and you have to solve it within 45 minutes.

After serving the first papers you have to solve 2nd paper which was job-based and you have to solve subjective questions, short answers, and long answers. You have to know that you have to solve for you have to conduct second papers in the same day or next day as for Lok Sabha office decide. 

In the second paper, you have to solve your best knowledge and full marks are 140 where you have to solve subject questions. In this examination, you have to solve 12 questions for 5 numbers which were short questions and you have to solve for questions for 10 numbers which were long questions and you have to complete this examination within 2 hours and 15 minutes. 

If you pass the first paper then you are invited to involve in 2nd paper which was practical examinations and interviews. Practical has 50 full marks and 25 pass marks and which was you have to complete within 45 minutes. After having the practical examinations you have to be involved in an interview which was a board interview and the full mark is 30 and there is no pass mark and no time limit.

You can write the examination in Nepali or English language or both languages at the same time. 

Complete Syllabus Details

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Computer Operator new Syllabus Second Paper Syllabus Topic Wise

  • Computer Fundamental – 2 Questions
  • Operating System – 2 Questions
  • Word Processing – 3 Questions
  • Electronic Spreadsheet – 3 Questions
  • Database Management System – 3 Questions
  • Presentation System – 1 Questions
  • Web Designing & Social Media- 1 Questions
  • Computer Network- 2 Questions
  • Cyber Security- 2 Questions
  • Hardware Maintenance & Troubleshooting- 2 Questions
  • Related Legislations & Institutions- 4 Questions
  • Total Questions – 25

Computer Operator Practical Exam Syllabus Topics

Devnagari Typing 5 Marks
English Typing5 Marks
Word Processing 12 Marks
Electronic Spreadsheet12 Marks
Database Management System6 Marks
Presentation System5 Marks
Web Page Designing5 Marks
Total Marks50 Marks

First paper general awareness and general aptitude test sample questions.

First paper general awareness and general aptitude test sample questions.

1. Name of first popular web browser

  1. IBM Browse
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Mozila Firefox

2. In the layer hierarchy as the data packet moves from the upper to the lower layer, headers are

  1. Added
  2. Removed
  3. Rearranged
  4. Modified

3.  Which of the following IC was used in third generation of computers?




D) Both a and b

4. Which of the following storage devices can store the maximum amount of data?

A) Floppy Disk

B) Hard Disk

C) Compact Disk

D) Magneto Optic Disk

Computer operator subjective questions sample for 5th label

# short questions

  1. What is the real-time system?
  2. What are the benefits of an operating a system?
  3. Do you mean by OSI?
  4. What are the advantage of using DBMS?
  5. What is cyber crime?
  6. What are the three objectives of it policy 2057?

#Long Questions

  1. What is the five main functions of a computer?
  2. What are the applications area of computers? explain in detail?
  3. What do you mean by the operating system? explain the different functions of the operating system

How to apply computer operator vacancy in psc?

You can apply from this link ( for the post of computer operator.

What is the minimum qualification for a computer operator 5th level?

The minimum qualification for computer 5th level was 12 plus pass and computer training for 6 months.

Best website for practice computer operators?

You’ll get lots of study material for computer operator preparation at (It’s completely FREE to use)

Download Computer Operator New Syllabus of Lok Sewa Aayog Na Su Computer 2078/79.

If you are looking for a computer operator syllabus 2078 pdf – download it by clicking on the download button.

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