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Do you want to check IPO share results? And don’t know how to check IPO result in Nepal? Here is the complete guide for that. After reading this article, you’ll be able to Check allotment results of IPO in Nepal with your smartphone or computer. 

IPO is a process of selling shares to the general public for the first time. It is also an opportunity for a company to raise funds from the market. The company will be listed on the stock exchange after the IPO and can start trading.

The process of listing a company on the stock exchange is known as an Initial Public Offering (IPO). To check whether you have been allotted shares or not, you must first know your BOID number.

The BOID number is the unique identification number that is given to you at the time of application. You can find your BOID number on the IPO application form or the mero share website.

The IPO result will be announced on the capital issue manager’s website and the mero share website. You can check the result by selecting a company and entering your BOID number on the website.

If you have been allotted shares, you will be able to see congratulation notes with alloted unit of share. The IPO result is generally announced within one week of the closing date of the IPO.

Now, jump into our main topic. Before that BOID is most important to check IPO results so here is the guide on how you can find your BOID.

How To Find My BOID?

Here are the simple steps to get your BOID number:

  • Log in to Mero Share
  • Left side – Click on my details
  • Now, you will get your BOID details below the DP name.
Check your BOID from mero share
Check your BOID from mero share

Check The IPO Result From MeroShare

Mero share is a web-based system for the management of share transactions of listed companies in Nepal. Mero share provides an easy interface to apply IPO share online. And, here you can check the allotment results of IPOs. 

meroshare cdsc website

How To Check IPO From

You can check your IPO from mero share check IPO result checking portal.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Visit mero share IPO result check website (Click here)
  2. Select your IPO applied company
  3. Type your BOID number
  4. Solve captcha security
  5. Now, Click on View Result Button

After submitting you can see a result below the view result button.


Sorry, not alloted for the entered BOID. – sorry you are not alloted or you have to recheck your BOID and try again. If your input BOID was wrong it may be the reason otherwise you are not alloted right now.


Congratulation Alloted !!! Alloted quantity: 10 – congratulation you are alloted unit 10, which means now you own the 10 unit IPO share of the company.

Common error during checking allotment results from the mero share website.

Invalid BOID – check your valid BOID to get your correct result.

Invalid Captcha Provided. Please try again – Check Captcha double to solve without error.

Select company – You have selected a company which you want to check IPO results.

How To Check IPO Allotment Result from Mero share Website?

You can check your IPO allotment result from the mero share website. In this method, you have to login into your Mero share website.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open this link on your browser
  2. Enter your Depository Participants, Username & Password
  3. Now click on My ASBA from the menu on your left
  4. Click on Application Report from the top
  5. Here you will find all the company’s IPO you have applied for.
  6. Now Click on Report to check your IPO Result

Here is the image guide on how you can check IPO result from mero share website.

Login mero share website and you’ll get the new screen where you can manage your share accounts.

meroshare ipo report

Now click on My ASBA from the menu on your left side of the website. Here you’ll see the currently open IPOs. You have to click on application reports and click on the Report button which you previously applied for IPO.

check ipo result from cbsc website

Now you’ll see whether you are allotted or not.

Let’s move into another way to check IPO results in Nepal.

How To Check IPO Results From Capital Issue Manager?

There is another way to check IPO results from Capital Issue Manager. For this, you need to go to the Capital Issue Manager website and click on the link for “IPO Result”.

Now, you will be able to see the IPO results for all companies that have been listed on the website. You have to select a company that was publishing IPO.

If you want to check the allotment results, first select the desired company and type your BOID number.

Now, you’ll get the results of your applied IPO shares which were issued by the capital manager.

How To Check IPO Result From NIBL Capital?

If the IPO issue manager was NIBL then you can also check your IPO allotment from their website.

Here are the steps by steps guide on how you can check NIBL capital IPO Allotment Result.

  1. Open NIBL Allotment Result Web Page (Click Here)
  2. Select company
  3. Type your Demat Number or BOID
  4. Click on the search button

Now you are ready to see the magic.

nibl capital IPO Allotment Result
NIBL IPO Allotment Result

How To Check IPO Results From Global IME Capital Limited?

Here is another popular capital issue manager, Global IME Capital Limited (GICL). If you want to check the IPO/FPO Share Allotment offered by GICL this is the guide for you.

Follow the steps by steps to IPO/FPO Share Allotment Check.

  1. Open GICL Allotment Result Web Page (Click Here)
  2. Select company
  3. Type your BOID Number
  4. Type Application Number (For Local Issue Only)
  5. Click on the Check button
Ipo fpo Share Allotment Check GICL
GICL IPO Allotment Result

IPO Result Publication Method in Nepal

After the IPO process is completed, the company allots shares to the applied investors according to the demand and priority basis. The allotment of the shares is done through a random draw by picking balls with numbers. The method of share allotment is different for physical and dematerialized applicants.

The result of the IPO is published on the Capital Issue Manager website as well as on the websites of CDS and Clearing Limited (CCL). For physical applicants, the result is also displayed on the notice boards of NEPSE and CCL.

The names of successful applicants along with the number of shares allotted to them is displayed on the website of CIM and mero share. For physical applicants, the name list is also put up on the notice board of CCL.

Verified”, “Unverified” & “Rejected” Meaning In Mero Share

Verified – Your application is accepted by the bank, and your requested share is locked.

UnVerified – The bank has received your application and is now working on blocking the required amount for the chosen stock.

Rejected –  Due to various reasons such as insufficient balance, incorrect BOID, duplicate BOID, wrong lot unit, unregistered CRN., etc., your application has been rejected.

Why My Applied IPO Share Is Rejected?

The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) may reject your IPO application for a number of reasons. The most common reason is that you applied for more shares than the maximum number of shares that you are allowed to buy. Other reasons for rejection include:

  • Applying from multiple accounts by a single person in a single IPO.
  • Insufficient balance on the bank account. (Minimum RS. 1000 required)
  • Incorrect entry. of BOID
  • Unregistered CRN
  • Selection of odd-lot unit
  • Expiration of Demat account.


How to sell Alloted IPO share in nepal?

If you want to sell your allotted IPO shares in the secondary market, you can do so through your broker. If you want to sell it directly to the public, then you can do so through the Public Issue Department of the CSE. You can sell alloted IPO by opening a Brocker account and joining the TMS system.

If your IPO is not Alloted, how much time take to refund?

If your IPO is not alloted, you will be refunded within 15 days from the date of listing. It really depends upon the capital issue manager.

Minimum bank balance required to apply IPO Share?

The minimum bank balance required to apply for an IPO share in Nepal is Rs. 1,000.


Here is the ultimate guide on how you can check your IPO result in Nepal, you can do so through the Mero Share website or capita manager. To do this, simply visit the mero share result check portal or the capital issue manager IPO result check portal. From there, you will be able to see whether or not you have been allotted shares by selecting a company and typing your BOID number.

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