How to Take Loan in NTC

How to Take Loan in NTC | Best Guide In 2023

Do you want to take a loan from NTC? Here is the comparative guide on How to Take Loan in NTC. Sometimes we face problems with our mobile balance and look for additional ways to make a call or use mobile data.

NTC offers loan services for prepared services. You can request an NTC credit service for your sim card. After NTC credit service activation, you can take a loan from NTC.

What is NTC?

NTC is the biggest telecommunication company in Nepal. It was a public company and offered awesome service in Nepal. 91.49% of the share is held by the government of Nepal. The company was founded back on April 13, 2004.

You can buy and use an NTC sim card from the NTC service center and NTC SIM card reteller. This is the biggest telecommunication in Nepal.

Namaste credt service banner
Namaste Credit Service

Features of NTC Loan Service:

  • Sapati Service for Prepaid Customers
  • Only Pay used credit
  • Payment of debt shall be taken from the next top-up.
  • The partial recovery in cases where top-up is less than the total debt. The threshold is 60%.

How To Activate NTC Loan Service?

The process of activating the NTC credit service is straightforward. You just need to complete a basic task. You don’t require a smartphone to use the NTC Loan service. Just need an active sim card with a working mobile phone.

Follow the process for Active NTC loan service:

  1. Open our mobile SMS application
  2. Compose new SMS
  3. Type Start
  4. Send to 1477

Congratulations, your NTC credit service is activated.

How To Deactivate The NTC Loan Service?

  1. Open our mobile SMS application
  2. Compose new SMS
  3. Type Stop
  4. Send to 1477

You have successfully deactivated your NTC loan service.

How To Check Credit Status?

  1. Open our mobile SMS application
  2. Compose new SMS
  3. Type Status
  4. Send to 1477

Now you’ll get your NTC credit status. 

How to get Nepal Telecom (NTC) Loan Credit?

Now, we’re on the main topic of this guide. Here I have listed the process to get the NTC loan Sapati amount. After activating NTC Loan services, you can easily take the NTC credit.

The process is easy and it takes a minute to succeed. It’s a 100% free service by the NTC but the loan amount will be deducted when your balance main is created.

  1. Open call dial box
  2. Type *1477# and Enter Call
  3. Choose Option 1
how to get loan in ntc - Complete process with NTC loan code
How to get loan in ntc

How To Get Loan in NTC (Video Guide)

Here is the video guide to take loan in NTC. This video can be helpful if you want to watch it step-by-step in video format.

What Is The Amount of NTC Credit?

If you are an NTC prepaid sim card user and you have a minimum of 3 months to activate your sim card then you can request NTC Sapati service.

The loan amount of NTC was a minimum of Rs. 5 up to Rs. 20

How To Check The Main Balance of NTC?

You can check your NTC main balance with different methods.

  1. Dial *400# and call (You’ll get the popup messages)
  2. NT mobile app

Now you can also check NTC balance with dail *144# it will also work for Ncell.

How To Pay An NTC Loan Amount? 

You don’t need to pay the NTC loan amount separately. When you recharge your card it will automatically deduct your loan amount from the main balance.

How To Recharge On an NTC Card?

If you are planning to recharge your NTC sim card then you can do it in different ways. Here are the best and fastest ways to recharge your NTC sim card.


eSewa is the biggest online payment system in Nepal. It was popular for its fastest and easy-to-use features. You can pay your bills and buy mobile data or top up your mobile balance.

eSewa offers a variety of online payment options such as you can pay electric bills, school fees, movie tickets, and credit card payments. 

The process to recharge NTC sim cards from eSewa?

  1. Open the eSewa mobile app or web portal
  2. Click on top up
  3. Enter your mobile number
  4. Enter the amount you want to top up
  5. Click on Proceed
  6. Click to pay via esewa

Congratulations, your NTC card has a main balance as you top up. After a successful top-up, you’ll get a message in your message box.

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Khalti is another fastest-growing digital payment platform. Where you’ll get tons of services. You can top up your NTC card from Khali mobile app or web portal.  

Mobile Banking:

You can top up the balance to your NTC sim card from mobile banking. Almost every nep[ali bank offers mobile banking features for their customers. You can take that advantage, and directly top up your mobile balance from your bank.

NTC recharge card:

If you are comfortable with the recharge card payment option, then it was great for you. NTC offers an NTC recharge card to top up the main balance. You can buy an NTC recharge card from any NTC recharge card seller near you.

List of NTC Loan Codes To Take A Loan

Still, if you are confused about which code to enter to start the loan service, stop the loan service, or check the remaining credit status here is the list.  

  1. Type Start and Send SMS to 1477 (To active NTC loan service)
  2. Type Stop and Send SMS to 1477 (To deactivate the loan service)
  3. Type Status and Send SMS to 1477 (To check remaining credit status)

FAQs On How to Take Loan in NTC

  1. How much Credit does NTC Offer?

    NTC offers a minimum of RS. 5 to a maximum of RS. 20 as a loan amount.

  2. Best NTC Alternative?

    ncell logo

    Nepal Telecom (NTC) is the best telecommunication company in Nepal. You will be able to do international/national calls and use 3g/4g data around Nepal. But if you are looking for an alternative NCELL is the best for you.

    This telecom company offers a variety of services including calls, and 4g data around Nepal.

  3. NTC Customer Care Number

    If you have any questions or problems regarding your NTC card or have an issue with NTC loan then you can contact NTC customer support.
    Here are the NTC customer care numbers:
    Dial 1498
    NTC auto responder answers and ask for the query command so type the number as you want.


Hope this article will help you to get an NTC loan. We have described how to take a loan from NTC, how you can check your credit status, and how exactly you can recharge your NTC sim card. If you have any problem or query then you can comment down.

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