How To Transfer Balance in Ncell - Complete guide

How To Transfer Balance in Ncell To Ncell #3 Easy Methods

Do you want to transfer the balance between Ncell SIM cards? Here, I have explained everything about how to transfer balance in Ncell. Sometimes, we’re in urgent situations and unable to make calls due to insufficient balance on the mobile. That’s incense, so I have written the ultimate guide on how you can transfer your balance to another Ncell SIM card.

After reading this guide, you will be able to transfer your Ncell balance from one SIM card to another without the need for additional research. These methods make it easy for Ncell to Ncell balance transfer.

All Ncell prepaid users can send and receive balances from anywhere, anytime, from their friends and family Ncell numbers. You just require an active Ncell SIM card. The service fee of Rs. 1 was deducted from the main balance of the sender.

You can only transfer the balance between prepaid numbers. The transferred balance can be used as a main balance to buy data, make calls, or send SMS. So, stay tuned on how to send balance in Ncell complete guide. Let’s get started.

How To Know Ncell Main Balance?

Before starting the process of blc transfer in ncell, you have to know your main balance in your ncell SIm card. So, here are the different ways to check Ncell’s main balance.

Check Ncell Balance With USSD Code.

Here is the process to check the main balance using the USSD code. This method doesn’t require a Smartphone, so you can do it from any working mobile phone.

Please follow the steps:

  1. Open call dial box
  2. Type *101#, *144# or *901#
  3. Click on Call

You’ll see your Ncell main balance with an Expiry date on the popup display message.

Check Main Balance With Ncell App?

If you have a Smartphone with an internet connection where the Ncell mobile app is installed, you can check the Ncell balance with one click. You can download the Ncell app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The Ncell app is free, but if you are on mobile data, it’ll cost your mobile data.

  1. Open Ncell mobile app
  2. Check the balance area

Let’s dive into today’s main topic:

How To Transfer Ncell Balance With USSD?

The method of Ncell balance transfer from USSD. This is an easy and popular method to balance transfer in Ncell.

Ncell To Ncell Balance Transfer Using USSD:

  1. Open call dial box
  2. Type *17122*98XXXXXXXX*Amount#.
  3. E.g., *17122*9813478706*50# (Sent Rs.50)
  4. Click on call


  • Dial *133*Security code*Destinaion Number*Amount#
  • E.g., *133*12345678*9713478706*50# (Sent Rs.50)

Now, you’ll get a popup message with a successful balance transfer

You don’t need any type of Ncell balance transfer code to proceed with this method.

Wait! Before starting the process, please check your Ncell balance.

How To Balance Transfer Ncell To Ncell With App?

You can easily transfer your Ncell main balance to another Ncell card with the Ncell mobile app. Download the Ncell mobile app and install it on your Smartphone.

Transfer Ncell Balance With App

The process of transferring Ncell balance using mobile is super quick. You just need to provide a few details and transfer within a minute.

  1. Open Ncell Mobile App
  2. Check the balance area and click on the transfer
  3. Type Amount
  4. Type Mobile number (To transfer)
  5. Click on transfer

Congratulations, your process is complete. Now, your balance is transferred to another Ncell number.

Transfer Balance In Ncell with eSewa?

Now, if you have an eSewa account with the amount, you can transfer the balance to the Ncell SIM card. eSewa is one of the best online payment gateways in Nepal. You can transfer the balance to an Ncell SIM card from Esewa in a few steps.

Transfer Balance In Ncell with esewa app
Esewa App

What is the process to transfer the balance in Ncell from eSewa? The process is quite simple. Please follow the steps:

  • Open the eSewa mobile app or Website.
  • Click on Top-up.
  • Enter your Mobile Number.
  • Enter the Amount you want to top up.
  • Click on Proceed.
  • Click to Pay via eSewa.
Transfer Balance In Ncell with esewa website
Transfer balance in Ncell using Esewa Website

How To Transfer Balance in Ncell From Ncell Online Portal

Do you know? Ncell offers a web portal to recharge Ncell from their website. If you have an internet connection on your device and have access to an online payment gateway, then it’s a very easy process.

#1 Go to the online recharge web portal

Ncell recharge portal

#2 Input your mobile number and recharge amount and click the recharge button.

#3 Select an online payment option like Connect IPS, eSewa, Khalti, IMEPay, or Prabhu Pay.

Ncell recharge portal payment options

#4 If I choose eSewa as an online payment option, I have been redirected to the next page, where we have to log in using login credentials and click submit.

Ncell recharge portal payment options esewa


Who Owns Ncell?

The Ncell was owned by the Axiata company. It was a Malaysian multinational telecommunications conglomerate with extensive operations in Asia.

What is the minimum/maximum amount that can be transferred?

The minimum amount of Rs. 10 can be transferred at a time and up to 3 times daily. The maximum balance of Rs. 200 can be transferred at a time and thrice daily.

How To check the expiry date of the Ncell sim card?

You can check the Ncell expiry date by calling *101#.

How to take a loan in Ncell?

If you cannot complete the balance transfer in Ncell, you can take a Ncell loan. The process of taking a loan is quite easy.
Dial *9988# to take Saapati.
You’ll get a Rs. 40 main balance or Data Saapati valued at Rs. 40 as a Ncell loan. Know more about the fees and taxes of Ncell saapati service.

Is Ncell best for mobile data?

Yes, Ncell offers mobile data with a 4g network. Where you can use the fastest 4G data in Nepal, you can activate the 4G service and buy data volumes. You can buy tons of Ncell data packages as per your needs. The Ncell data work on almost all major cities and areas in Nepal. 

How to buy a Ncell sim card in Nepal?

From the Ncell customer service center or Ncell sim card retailer, you can buy an Ncell sim card.


Hope this article will help you to solve your query regarding Ncell balance transfer between Ncell users. This balance transfer Ncell guide was the ultimate guide for Ncell sim card balance-related queries. Ncell is one of Nepal’s best mobile network operators, with various services and huge area coverage. 

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