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Nepali Fonts Download | Top 8 Nepali Font Collection

Are you searching for the best Nepali Fonts Download? You are at the right place, at the end of this article, you’ll get the best Nepali fonts. The Nepali font comes into the Devanagari category. With the help of Download Nepali fonts, you can type Nepali words on your computer.

Nowadays, Nepali government offices & private offices are using the Nepali language as the official Language. 

Finding an attractive & clean font is not easy. There are hundreds of Nepali fonts you can find on the internet. But all fonts are not good and do not fit you as you want. Here I have listed popular and attractive Nepali fonts to save time. With the help of a preview of the font, you can easily imagine which font is good for you.

The following Nepali fonts are attractive, clean, and safe to install on your computer. You can start writing Nepali after the successful installation of the font on your computer. Here is the best collection of Nepali stylish fonts. 

Before downloading Nepali fonts, know some important information.

Let’s Start.

What Is Nepali Font?

Now is the time to learn about what is Nepali fonts. If you are not familiar with Nepali fonts Downloads this section is very important for you. 

In short, Nepali fonts are the Devanagari fonts that enable you to type the Nepali language on your computer. With the help of Nepali fonts, you can turn your computer into Nepali typing using your keyboard. You’ll not get a Nepali font on the keyboard by installing a Nepali font. It just enables you to type in Devanagari on your computer using English keystrokes.

Who Needs Nepali Font?

Everyone is not required to install Nepali fonts on their computer. But, if you are a graphic designer or any office staff then you need to install Nepali font on your computer. If you love to type Nepali on social media or you are interested then you can also install it.

If you are preparing for a government job in Nepal then you should install it on your computer. Because Nepali typing is necessary for the Nepali government office.

What Is Nepali Unicode?

The Unicode Standard is the universal character representation standard for text in computer processing. Nepali Unicode provides a consistent way of encoding English plain text making it easier to convert into Devanagari.

Nepali Unicode is easy to use and it can save you time. There are two Unicodes, traditional Unicode, and romanized Unicode. With the help of Unicode, you can easily enable Nepali font on the keyboard.

If you want to install Unicode on your computer then read this ultimate guide. 

Unicode Traditional – Click Here

Unicode RomanizedClick Here

Check out Preeti Font Keyboard Layout.

How To Install Nepali Font On Windows?

Windows is one of the best and most popular operating systems. If you are using windows and want to install Nepali font on your site then here are the simple steps to follow.

  • Download the selected font
  • Extract the zipped Nepali font file
  • Open extract folder
  • Click on the TTF file
  • After opening the TTF file click on the install button
Nepali font TTF file
TTF files
The process to install Nepali fonts on a computer.

How To Install Nepali Font On Mac?

If you are an Apple MacBook user you can install Nepali font for mac devices. You can install Nepali font on your MacBook by following the given instructions.

  • Close any open applications. Newly installed fonts may not appear in your menu if you ignore this step.
  • Drag and drop the unzipped fonts into the Fonts folder in your user’s Library folder found here: /Users/Your_Username_Here/Library/Fonts.
  • Note: As of OS Lion, the library folder is hidden from users unless you hold down the Alt/Option key while clicking on the “Go” menu in Finder.

Top 8 Nepali Fonts Download

Here is the list of the best Nepali fonts to download for free.

3Preeti (Preeti Font Details)Download 
List of popular Nepali fonts

If you are looking for Nepali fonts in the bundle then you can directly download them.


Hope in this article you’ll get the idea to get the best Nepali fonts download on your pc. There are lots of fonts but you should install them best as per your needs. Installing unwanted fonts is not good for your computer. I recommend using popular fonts for your project.

If you are planning to use Nepali fonts for your graphic-related content then it should be clean and easy to read. If you don’t want to install fonts on your computer, you can use Unicode.

Check out:- Download Nepali Stylish Fonts Collection.

Note: All the fonts are developed by different developers and they own the copyright. I am sharing these fonts only for educational purposes. 

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