Best Online Job In Nepal To Work From Home In 2023

Are you looking for an online job in Nepal? There is a huge opportunity to make money online. You can easily make money from your smartphone or laptop at your home.

The topic of online jobs in Nepal is trending day by day. The number of internet users is increasing in Nepal. The rise of telecom companies and isp(internet service providers) helps so many people to get easy access to the internet.

Most people waste their valued time on youtube and Facebook. But few energetic people working online and getting good amount per month or paper day.

I hope you are the person who wan to do something to make money online. Its required hard work and constancy. Most beginners quit early because they want to be rich overnight. Sorry, my friend if you are looking for a rich scheme then this work is not for you

Here is some proof that I am making money online. 

  1. Web Hosting Affiliate

2. Affiliate Marketing


3. AdSense


Hope those screenshots motivate you to start quickly.

Things To Know Before Start Online Job In Nepal

If you want to make money online, You have to know the important things before you start. 

  • Internet Connection

To work online having a proper connection to the internet is required. If your internet is slow or does not work as you want then it will kill your skills. A good internet connection can help you to complete your tasks on time.

  • Smartphone

You can make money from your smartphone but keep in mind the smartphone has an internet connection. Working from a Smartphone is not easy but if you don’t have a laptop or PC then you can get started from your smartphone. 

  • Laptop

You want to do an online job in Nepal from your home then you require a good laptop. But if you want to do graphics-related work then PC is the best solution to complete tasks on time.

  • Workspace

You should have a good working place or good environment to work online.  It is not necessary but it can help you to do your job quickly and think positively.

 Let’s jump into our main topic.


To make money online, Blogging is the first and best option you should try. With blogging, you can generate passive income on a long-term basis. Blogging is the best way to make money online in Nepal.

If someone writes content and publishes it on a platform it is called blogging. The platform refers to the places where you can publish content for your readers or audiences like medium, blogger, quora, or self-hosted platforms like WordPress and Joomla.

You can start blogging just by publishing content on your website or platforms like medium or blogger. If you want to try blogging for free I would recommend blogger or medium. But if you want to make money online as a blogger, I will recommend self-hosted WordPress. 

WordPress is one of the best (content management systems) CMS. Using WordPress you can create a stunning blog website. With the help of WordPress, you can easily scale SEO, and manage content like a pro.

Here are the simple steps to start blogging.

  1. Do niche research
  2. Buy Domain & Hosting
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Do Basic Setup on WordPress
  5. Write Content and publish

Done, now you are a blogger. 

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Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate market is booming day by day. 

Do you know what affiliate marketing is?

A company offers an online unique affiliate link for creators. And the creator shares those links with the audience, if anyone purchases using that link the creator gets a certain commission. Almost every company wants to increase customers and sales. With the help of affiliate marketers, they can easily scale their business.

You can make money online as an affiliate marketer. There are lots of companies that offer affiliates. To get a high affiliate commission you can share your content with your audience or run paid advertising.

Best Company to Start Affiliate Marketing In Nepal

  • (Shopping Site in Nepal)
  • Babal.Host (Nepali Web Hosting Company)
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing (International E-commerce website)
  • A2 Hosting (International Web Hosting Company)
  • Maxbounty

Lots more companies offer affiliates of their service or product. You can find any affiliate company as per your interest.

Content Writing

Do you have a good command over the English language? If yes, then you can easily do a content writing online job in Nepal.  Content writing job is one of the best and easiest jobs you can do from home. You can work as a content writer for the company. The content writing job is booming worldwide, there is a huge demand for content writers.

The content writing job is also known as a copywriter. You have to write content for the website or social media. The content writing job is very easy if you have a good command over the English language. If you don’t have a good knowledge of the English language, you can start a Nepali content writing job also.

You can find online jobs from different platforms like fiver, freelancers & Upwork. You can also find content writing-related online jobs in Nepal from,, and more.

Graphic Design

This is another best online job in Nepal where you can provide services related to graphic design.  If you have a good knowledge of graphic designing then you can start a service for individuals or corporate businesses.

Graphic designing skills are evergreen skills. If you have a good knowledge of graphics-related software like Photoshop, and Corel Draw, you can offer a graphic designing service.

You can find a graphic designing-related online job in Nepal from platforms like fiver, freelancer, and Upwork. You can also apply for a graphic designing job from You can provide Graphic Designing services by reaching out directly to the new companies or popular companies. 

Video Editing

Do you love editing videos? You can start a video editing job from your home. If you have skill in video editing or have a good command of adobe software, you can edit the video from your home. 

If you don’t know how to edit a video then you can learn from the internet. The editing of the video is not easy but not as hard as you think.

You can get the project from freelancing sites and job portals. The best way to get clients is,  Directly reach the media house and approach as a freelance video editor. 

Online Tutor

Are you good at teaching? If yes then you have bright futures in online jobs in Nepal. You can easily create courses and sell them on platforms like Udemy, and Skillshare. The online education system is growing day by day. People are searching for courses online and this is an easy way to get educated.


You can create courses by recording a video or slideshow. If you provide a quality course, you’ll get lots of students and income.



The freelancer is a platform as a service where you can get freelance projects. This marketplace has a huge potential for beginners and high-rated freelancers. You’ll get international clients and get a high amount for your work.

You can provide services as per your skills. If you are good at language translation, you’ll get projects related to translation projects.



This is the other biggest freelancer marketplace where you can get international clients. You can create a gig and showcase that on your profile. There is a high chance to get the best client and recurring clients if you provide a good service. 

This marketplace is full of freelancers so you have to go into a specific niche to get clients at the beginning. You can do writing, video editing, graphic designing, and web developing related services. If you don’t have any skills, don’t worry you can easily learn from YouTube or Udemy. 


YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform where you can earn money by sharing a video.  You can make money by uploading a video on YouTube.  YouTube has millions and millions of daily visitors who are searching for new videos. You can create a video and upload that on your YouTube channel then you can make money by just sitting at your home. 

In my view, this is the best online job in Nepal which is free to start and you don’t need any skills to start.  You can create videos on whatever you like but keep in mind before uploading a video you should read or know the terms and conditions of YouTube. It helps you to follow YouTube guidelines. If you are a Student then you can create a video about what you are learning or what they are doing in your daily life.  If you are a housewife you can start cooking-related videos.  Sounds good, yes you can create videos on how to cook chicken, how to cook vegetables, etc.

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adsense earning


This article will help you to find the best online job in Nepal.  You can start an online job in Nepal using different methods. There are hundreds of ways you can make money online but these are the best and tried them by myself. Everything is impossible if you don’t start but if you start right now it will be easy to do. I am making money working from home using my laptop and internet so you can also.

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