Download Preeti Font Keyboard Layout

Download Preeti Font Keyboard Layout (PDF)

Do you want to download the Preeti font keyboard layout? Here is the high-definition (HD) quality keyboard layout for download. You can also download this font keyboard layout in PDF format.

Before clicking the download link, know what Preeti font is and why it’s popular.

Preeti font is a popular Nepali font for computers. You can easily download and install it on your computer. It was very popular because of its simple & stylish font. You can create a stunning document or graphic using Preeti font.

Preeti font is a Devanagari font for typing Nepali characters. You can type in Nepali using the Preeti font. It was a free Nepali typing font. This font is mainly used in government offices in Nepal. So that’s why it was popular to create a document to use for official purposes.

Like other font styles, it has a unique keyboard layout. It would be best to type daily to get the best typing speed using Preeti font.

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You can quickly increase your typing speed with the help of Typeshala software. Download Typeshala on your computer and start practicing Preeti font typing.

The drawback of using Preeti font on your computer is that you can’t type in Nepali online. Like if you are looking to type in Nepali on social media using Preeti font, it wouldn’t help you. You have to use Nepali Unicode Traditional to type in Nepali on social media.

Preview of Preeti font

Nepali Unicode Traditional has the same keyboard layout as the Preeti font. So, if you plan to use the Preeti font, you can also use Unicode traditional for your project.

The Preeti font layout and Unicode traditional keyboard layout are similar. You can easily switch between Preeti and Unicode Traditional.

If you want to download the Preeti font, click the download button.

Download Preeti font layout of keyboard

Here you can download the Preeti font layout in HD quality image. It helps you to remember and practice daily.

Preeti Font Keyboard Layout WebP
Preeti font keyboard layout

Click here to download this keyword layout image.

Download Preeti font keyboard layout in PDF format.

If you want to download the Preeti font keyboard layout in pdf format, click the download button below.

Alternatives of Preeti font for Nepali typing

If you want to switch from Preeti to another font or Nepali typing tool, these are the perfect alternatives.

Nepali Unicode Traditional

This is the perfect match for the Preeti font. You can easily switch from Preeti to Unicode traditional. The Unicode traditional keyboard layout is not different from the Preeti font layout.

This Unicode can help you to improve your typing speed and make it easy to toggle between input methods. The Unicode Nepali keyboard layout is less complex than the Preeti font layout.

Unicode Romanized

It was the best and easiest-to-use Nepali Unicode tool. If you are new to Nepali typing, I highly recommend using Nepali Unicode Romanized. You can type in Nepali, which is much faster than Unicode traditional and Preeti font. The key combination and key storks are easy to remember.

The keyboard layout of Romanized Unicode was straightforward. If you have a little English keyboard layout, you can easily type n Nepali.

Google Nepali Input Tool

This is another best nepali typing tools that Google offers. You can easily download and install it on your computer. You can install the google chrome extension and google Nepali input tool to use this input tool.

Kalimati Font

Kalimati is the best Unicode font. You can use this font with Nepali Unicode tools, such as traditional or Romanized Unicode. The kalimati font keyboard layout was similar to Nepali Unicode software.

Note: If you are looking for a shortcut for nepali typing, use Preeti to Unicode converter.


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