What Is The Genesis Framework In 2023

The Genesis framework is essentially a WordPress theme. when you build a website with WordPress you need a theme and your theme controls many of the designs.
aspects of your website like fonts and layouts and things like that when you choose a great theme, you should be able to build a great website without knowing how to code. that’s why the Genesis framework is currently being used on over 500,000 websites because it makes WordPress easier.

Why Genesis Framework is Great 2023

the Genesis framework allows you to choose from other themes that go on top of it these themes are often referred to as child themes. each child theme that’s built for the Genesis framework is built with HTML5 search engine optimized code which means that search engines like Google and Yahoo will have no problems finding your site.

So you can focus on making great content and let the Genesis framework do the rest when you build a website with WordPress. there are a ton of free options for themes you can choose from and while the Genesis framework is not free it’s far superior to any theme. that you’ll find on WordPress here’s why first off every website that you build with the Genesis framework is 100% mobile responsive which means that no matter what device your website is being viewed from it will look great.

If we take a website built on the Genesis framework and we shrink down the window that it’s in the content will rearrange itself so that it always looks good considering. that half of all website traffic is from a mobile device this is very important if you’re going to build a website another reason.

the Genesis framework is so popular is because it’s so easy to use, once you’ve built one website with the Genesis framework you can choose from all the different child themes and have no problems building the next website because it’s so easy it allows you to create a home page just by dragging and dropping widgets inside WordPress, and with just a few clicks you can customize things like images colors layouts and all sorts of stuff.

You can also easily install plugins with just one click so that you can customize your website even more by adding things like social media icons or collecting email addresses with a signup form best of all if you have any issues you have access to amazing support from StudioPress.

The makers of the Genesis framework also if you need help building your websites that’s what this website is here for you’ll find tons of Genesis framework tutorials on this website so subscribe if that’s something you’re interested in, so if you want a website that’s fast easy mobile responsive and SEO friendly you should check out the Genesis framework to learn more about studio press.

For the Genesis framework and all the themes that go along with it, check out this link. I hope this article answered your questions about the Genesis framework.

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