Babal Host Review: Best Web Hosting In Nepal In 2022

Are you looking for the best web hosting in Nepal? Babal Host is your perfect solution. In this babal host review, you’ll get exclusive information related to web hosting features. Babal hosts offer reliable, quality hosting at an affordable price. They offer a wide range of services, including domain registration, web hosting, and email hosting. In this review, we’ll take a look at their services and see how they compare to other web hosting providers in Nepal.

We’ll also discuss some of the features that make Babal Host a good choice for small businesses and bloggers.

Web hosting is the essential service that allows businesses and individuals to make their websites accessible to the world. It includes storing website files, handling traffic, and providing security. A good web hosting provider offers all of these services and more. Babal Host is a leading web hosting provider in Nepal that offers all of these services and more.

I have been using babal host web hosting services for 2 years and registered 7+ domain names and never got any kind of issues. They offer the best customer support with a reliable web hosting service in Nepal.

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Why Is Babal Hosts Best For You?

There are lots of reasons to choose Babal Host as your web hosting company. They offer very cheap cost hosting packages for their customers. They are set up in a way to scale from day one with their efficient working practice. Their experience has taught me that a company should be customer-facing.

Babal Host Websiite Home Page

Babal Host is also great for companies or businesses that are just starting. They offer a number of features that can help you get your website off the ground quickly and easily. For example, they offer easy domain name registration. They also have several web hosting plans that you can use to create your website.

If you’re looking for a web hosting company that can provide you with the best service, Babal Host is the way to go. They offer a number of features that will help you get your website up and running quickly and easily.

Here is the list of features that babal hosts offer on their all web hosting plans.

Features of Babal Host:

Babal Host Web Hosting Details

SSD Storage:

The SSD storage device is up to 20x faster than the traditional hard drive. This results in a drastic improvement in the loading speed of your website. It can be a great help if your website content is image or video-heavy. The SSD storage also consumes less energy which is an added advantage. It can help to speed up your website and also improve your SEO rankings.

SSL Certificate:

If you are running an eCommerce website or any website that requires the exchange of personal or sensitive information, then you need to have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. This will encrypt the data that is being sent to and from your website, ensuring that it is safe from hackers. Babal Host offers free SSL certificates with all of their hosting plans, so you can rest assured that your website is secure.

SSL is important for SEO as well because Google has announced that they will be giving preference to websites that have SSL certificates.

Unlimited Web Storage:

This is the important feature of babal hosts. They offer unlimited web storage to their customers. This is the best way to save your hosting cost. You don’t need to pay extra when you use more storage space. But keep in mind you are not allowed to run online storage or backup service on this plan.

Unlimited Bandwidth:

Babal Host provides you with unlimited bandwidth so that you can have as much traffic as you want on your website without having to worry about extra charges. The premium bandwidth can help serve your files and data to your visitors much faster.

Unlimited Email:

You can create an unlimited number of email addresses with Babal Host. This is perfect for businesses that need to have multiple email accounts for employees or departments. The individual mailbox size and hourly send limit were limited by the packages.

Automatic Backup:

Babal hosts offer 30 days of incremental off-site backup for their customers. This is one of the best features that baba host provides. If any disaster happens or your site gets hacked you can easily restore your website within a minute.

LiteSpeed Web Server:

Babal Host uses the LiteSpeed Web Server instead of the more commonly used Apache server. This is the popular open-source HTTP server that powers most of the websites on the internet. LiteSpeed is up to 9 times faster than Apache and uses fewer resources. This results in a snappier and more responsive website for your visitors. You’ll get a free cache plugin if you are a WordPress user like me. This blog is powered by LiteSpeed Web Server.


This is a popular script installer that helps you install WordPress, Joomla, and other scripts with just a few clicks. Babal Host offers Softaculous in all of their hosting plans. You can easily manage all of your script-related tasks such as installation, updates, and website staging.

WordPress Optimized:

Babal host is WordPress optimized. They use the latest technology to make sure your WordPress site is running as smoothly as possible. They have already done server-level optimization for the WordPress CMS. So, you don’t need to worry about optimizing your WordPress site. But, you can optimize more if you have knowledge of WordPress optimization.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee:

Your website needs to be up and running at all times to avoid any loss of business. Babal Host offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so you can rest assured that your website will always be up and running. Uptime is important for SEO purposes as well, so this is a great feature that Babal Host offers.


This is the most popular control panel for managing your website. Babal Host includes cPanel with all of their hosting plans. This makes it easy to manage your website, email accounts, and more from one central location.

Money-back Guarantee:

You can try babal host for 30 days with their money-back guarantee. If for any reason you want to leave babal host then you can simply request for refund within 30 days.

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Quick Support:

If you ever have any issues with your hosting, Babal Host has some of the fastest support I have ever seen. They are always quick to respond to any tickets you open and are always willing to help you out.

Babal Host Features

Support is important especially when you don’t have knowledge regarding web hosting. You’ll get the support via telephone, live chat, or by support creating a ticket.

Affordable Prices:

Babal Host has some of the cheapest prices for web hosting I have ever seen. I was able to get a hosting package for just Rs. 125 per month. If you are a beginner then you will get the cheapest web hosting in Nepal from babal host.

Babal Host WordPress Hosting


Web Hosting PackagesPricing
Single UnlimitedRs. 1,499
Babal UnlimitedRs. 2,999
WordPress StarterRs. 1,999
WordPress ProRs. 3,999
Python StarterRs. 1,999
Python ProRs. 3,999
Reseller 20Rs. 1,917
Reseller 50Rs. 4,208
Node.js StarterRs. 1,999
Node.js ProRs. 3,999
Dedicated server Mid (Ds-4)Rs. 13,050
Dedicated server Mid (Ds-8)Rs. 18,600
Pricing Table Of Babal Host

FAQs On Babal Host Review


Here I have explained everything about babal host. In my opinion, Babal Host is one of the best web hosting companies in Nepal. They offer very cheap cost web hosting with a variety of options. 

I would like to recommend Babal Host as the best web hosting company in Nepal. They offer cheap hosting packages and their customer support is excellent. If you are looking for a web hosting company in Nepal, then babal host is the ultimate company for you. 

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