Bluehost Shared Hosting packages in 2023

Basic Package:

This is the smallest and cheapest shared hosting package that you can buy from Bluehost. This is indeed a good package that is a feature-rich and costs only $2.95/month for 3 years package. This package allows you to host one website and this is one reason I mostly recommend my readers to opt for Plus package, as they allow to host multiple websites for batter benefit. Starter package offers 100Gb bandwidth/month which is more than enough for you to run your website on shared hosting. Starter package doesn’t come with Cloudflare CDN offered by Bluehost, but you can directly signup for Cloudflare and integrate free CDN. This will help you to reduce the bandwidth of your hosting package by great extent. Note: You should choose starter package only when you are planning to host only one website and have no plans for adding more websites in future. In case if you have more plans, check out the next package.

Plus package (a Most popular one):

This is my favorite and most popular package on Bluehost. Pro package is featured rich and offers everything which starter package offers + unlimited domain hosting + free marketing
coupons worth $200 + free CDN. These marketing coupons are usually free Adwords Coupon, Facebook Ads coupon which you can use to market your website. This package also comes with 1 free domain, which will save extra money for you as a beginner.
The price for this package is $5.45/month with this discount link (Usually $10.99/month).
If you were looking for one recommendation from me, I would recommend plus package for you. As this is value for money and you should consider buying it for minimum 2 or 3 years term to save a lot on your hosting bill but you can choose for only 1-year plan.
Bluehost coupon is valid only on first bill; there is no discount on renewals). For further reading: How to add extra domain to your Bluehost account
Prime package: This is another package, which I usually don’t recommend. This package only offers free guard & cost almost the same as plus package. This package is targeted to businesses that are hosting their site on shared hosting and are looking for extra features. Do yourself a favor & pick plus package.
Conclusion: Which Bluehost Shared Hosting Package is best for you here is my suggestion for you to quickly pick right package for you:

1.Running only 1 site: Pick Basic Package
1.Running more than 1 site: Pick Plus package

1.Need SSL and dedicated I.P: Pick Prime If you are planning to buy the starter Bluehost package, I would recommend grabbing Plus package as the price difference is minimal and in the future, if you want to host multiple websites, you don’t have to spend money on web hosting. The below link is a special discounted link to save money. Grab Your Bluehost Shared Hosting Package (Å with this link)

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