How To Check NEB Results

How To Check NEB Results Of 2078 With Marksheet

The National Examinations Board is an autonomous and organized institution with uninterrupted succession. The board has a separate seal for its own work implementation purposes, as well as the responsibility of overseeing all aspects that were once operated by the Examination Controller’s office in the Higher Secondary Education Board. Here you can learn how to check NEB Results in a simple way.

This article will show you how to check your NEB results. These are the results of the 11 and 12 class exams. The NEB is an important exam for those who want to study in higher education institutions such as universities or colleges.

It’s necessary for all students all over Nepal to take this exam before they can be admitted into any university or college. Here are some steps that need to be followed so that the student can successfully obtain their new results:

How to Check NEB results?

Here’s how you can access the National Examination Board results. Whenever NEB Nepal publishes any national exam online, there are various ways to search for your results. You may also check out last year’s grade 11 exams and this year’s class 12th exams. Last year 347,748 students appeared in Grade 11 (grade11) while more than 4 lacks students will appear in Class XII Exam Result 2021 or management and science results 2078.

SEE Result With Marksheet
NEB -Result-With-Marksheet

These days, students are doing well on their exams since they now only take grades and GPA points instead of marks. However, it is possible for a student to go home with the NEB result 2077 which has your mark sheet printed in black ink through downloading or printing them online according to the National Examination Board’s website.

Process of Checking NEB Results

The following points should be followed in order to check the Neb Results:

1. Check your NEB results through the NEB website

2. Make sure that you are on the correct page of the NEB website

3. Enter your examination ID Symbol no.

4. Click on the “Check My Results” button, which will lead you to a new page with all the information about your exam results

5. You can download your results in PDF format to print. Click on Download PDF to complete the task.

6. If there is no result available for any particular exam code, then it means that this particular examination has not been taken yet by you.

Method 1: Check Results on the New official site

  • Go to (NEB student portal).
  • On the upper right side of the menu, click on “Result
  • You will be redirected to another page.
  • Now enter your Symbol No.
  • Finally, click on the Submit button.

Method 2: Check Results Via SMS

In some parts of Nepal, there is no Internet connection which means students have to wait weeks for the latest national exam results. Fortunately, NEB made it easier by using mobile-SMS so that at least these exams can be checked on time and in a way different from paper copies.

If the Nepali internet connection is not working, NEB has made it easier for Nepali students to check their national exam results using mobile SMS.

You can now find information about your NED Results 2075/76 at any time using the latest technology from Sparrow SMS service (available through Globe).

You can check your NEB exam result 2077/78 on the Sparrow SMS service. Once the NEB results are officially published by NEB, type “NEB” and space then Symbol-number for example: “N204057”, send to 35001. You will receive a message notification.

  • Go to SMS
  • Compose SMS
  • Type NEB <> Symbol No.
  • Send it to 35001 or 31003


In the end, we’ve found that although there are some differences in how to check the web. You can check it on either the site or via text message. One thing you should always do when checking your NEB results is double-check the results of both methods before making any decisions and celebrating the joy. It will confirm your results.

We look forward to guiding you with the result check. However, in case you have any doubts about how to check the new results. Feel free to leave a comment about your problems. Similarly, here are some of the most asked questions about how to check NEB results with significant users. 


Which search engine do you want to use for searching NEB results?

I prefer to use Google because I find it to be the most reliable in finding what I’m searching for. But if that doesn’t work, try Bing or Yahoo! Search. Sometimes they might have something Google missed.

How can I find the NEB results if they are not in the PDF?

Once you check your results, the results will appear on the screen. After that, click on the download PDF menu located at the bottom right side of the result.

How can I see my results on my mobile phone too when logged in as a candidate or an account holder?

Go to SMS
Compose SMS
Type NEB <> Symbol No.
Send it to 35001 or 31003. Note: You may not get the result. Instead of the result, the SMS arrives with the grade of each subject.

How can I check my 2078 results online?

There are various options to check NEB results online. Here are some of the popular results portals that provide accurate results online.
National Examination Board –
Nepal Telecom –
Office of the Controller of Examinations –
Edusanjal –

How can I check my class 11 result 2078?

You can easily check the results at your school. NEB recently changed the rules and the 11 class results were checked and provided by the college. Contact your college and request the results.

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