Computer Operator Objective Questions Set 1

Lok Sewa Aayog | Computer Operator | Objective Questions |Model Set 1

1. When was the First e-mail send?

A 1963


C 1971

D 1974

2. Which was the most popular First generation computer?

A. IBM 650

B. IBM 360

C. IBM 1130

D. IBM 2700

3. Main storage is also called

A . Accumulator

B. Control unit

C. Register

D. Memory

4. Which printer is very commonly use for desktop – publishing

A . Laser printer

B. Ink- jet printer

C. Daisy wheel printer.

D. Dot matrix printer

5. Which protocol provides e- mail facility among different hosted





6. Any data or instruction entered in the memory of a computer is considered as

A . Storage.

B .Output

C. Input

D. Processing

7. Time during which job is processed by the computer is

A. Delay time

B. Execution time

C. Real time.

D. Waiting time

8. Which of the following circuit is used as memory device in computer

A. Rectifier

B. Comparator

C. Flip flop

D. Attenuation

9. Where is the headquarters of the Intel located

A. Rrichmond Virginia

B. Tucson, Arizona C. Richmond,Virginia

D.Santa Clara, California

10. millisecond is

A.1 second

B. 10th of seconds

C. 1000th of second

D. 10000th of seconds

11. In this generation time sharing real time network distribution operating system was used

A. 1st generation

B. 2nd generation

C. 5th generation.

D. 4th generation

12. A program that perform a useful task while simultaneously allowing destructive acts is

A. Worm

B. Trojan horse

C. Virus

D. Macro virus

13. The vast network of computer that connects millions of people all over the world is called


B. Web.

C. Hypertext.

D. Internet

14. Files in which user store information

A. Info files

B. Ordinary file

C. Special files.

D. Complex file

15. If there are multiple recycle bin for hard disk

A. You can set different size for each recycle bin
B. You can choose which recycle bin to use to Ki your deleted file
C. You can makes any one of them default recycle bin
D. None of above

16. Which type of command requires additional files to perform specific operation.

A. Internal command

B. External command

C. Valuable command

D. Primary command

17. Which of the following is an essential file of ms -Dos boot disk





18. Which of the following is not an operating system

A. Window.

B. Linux.


D. Oracle

  1. What is bootstrapping called

A. Cold boot.

B. Cold hot boot

C. Cold hot strap

D. Hot boot

20. Selecting text means selecting

A. A word

B. An entire sentence.

C. Whole document

D. Any of the above

21. Before moving a sub document to another location in master documents you must switch

A. Normal layout view

B. Print layout view

C. Outline view.

D. Web layout view

22. Which of the following in the latest version of MS-word

A. Word 2007.

B. Word 2010.

C. Word 2016.

D. Word 2019

23. What is the default font size of a new word document based on normal template in word
2016 or above.

A. 10pt

B. 12pt.


D. None of above

24. maximum paper size

A. 54.87”*54.87

B. 56.78*56.78 .


D. None of above

25 . The footnotes the text style define character as

A. 12 – point times New Roman and paragraph as single- space and right aligned
B.10- point time New Roman and paragraph as double – space and left aligned
C.12- point time New Roman and paragraph as double – space and right aligned
D.10- point times New Roman and paragraph as single- space and left aligned

26. how can you access the font size tool on formatting toolbar

A. Ctrl+ s.

B. Ctrl + shift + s.

C. Ctrl+ shift + p

D. Ctrl+ p

  1. Which of the following is no essential component to perform a mail merge operation

A. Main document

B. Word fields

C. Data source

D. Merge field

28. What is jumping from one website to another called

A. Going to another website

B. Leaping

C. Hyperlinking.

D. Surfing

29. How many ways select all method

A. 5- method

B. 4 methods

C. 3- methods

D. 2- methods

30. What the version prior to HTML 5

A.HTML 4.1


C.HTML 4.01

D. HTML 4.9

31. Attributes adds space with in each cell

A. Cell spacing



D. Align

32.…… Is the incoming e- mail server





33. The effect applied display when slide change in slide show view is

A. Slide animation

B. Custom slide

C. Slide transition

D. Custom transition

34. Which of the following features should use when typing in the notes text box

A. Slide show

B. Insert

C. Slide master

D. Zoom

35. Slide shorter of PowerPoint is available on

A . Insert

B. File

C. View

D . Slide show

36. Which of cell pointer indicate that you can fill series

A. Doctor’s symbol ( big plus)

B. Small thin plus icon

C. Mouse pointer with anchor at the tip.

D. None of above

37. Write refers to

A. The print density of character

B. The height of the printer character

C. Upright at slanted shad

D. The design a appearance of character

38. You can use dragged and drop method to

A. Move cell content

B. Copy cell content

C. Add all content

D. A and B

39. To insert three column between D and E

A. Select column D

B. Select column E

C. Select column E,F and G. column D,E and F

D. Select

40. What is the shortcut key to insert new sheet in current workbook.

A. F11

B.ALT+ F11

C. Ctrl +F11

D. Shift + F11

41. Which command will you choose to convert column of data into row

A. Cut and paste

B. Right>>paste special>> transpose

C. Both of above the above

D. None of

42. What is an example of functions

A. = Add(A1:A2)

B. = A1 + A2

C. = Sum(A1:A2)

D. A1+A2

43. An excel workbook is collection

A. Worksheet

B. Workbook

c. Charts

D. Worksheet and charts

44. How many character can be typed in a single cell excel

A. 256.

B. 1024

C. 32000

D. 65535

45. Using the f11 shortcut key to create on chart sheets create

A. Default on chart

B. A 2- dimensional column chart

C. A 2- dimensional bar chat

D. A 3- dimensional line chart

46. This data type allows alphanumeric characters and special symbols

A. Text

B. Memo

C. Auto number

D. None of the above

47. An a database table the category of information is called

A. Tuple

B. Field

C. Record

D. All of the above

48. Which of the following is not a database object

A. Table.

B. Queries

C. Relationship

D. Reports

49. In one – to- many relationship the table in one side is called and on many side called

A. Child , parent

B. Parent, child

C. Bother ,sister

D. Father ,son

50. The size of a field with number data type can not be

A. 2.




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