Computer Operator | Objective Questions and Answer |Model Set 6

  1. Which of the following is not the function of CPU?

A. Fetch         B. Decode        C. Encode       D. Storage

2. Which of the following is known as working register?

A. MAC                      B. Counter       C. Program Counter    D. Accumulator

3. Cache Memory is also Known as

B. ROM          B. SRAM          C. Buffer Memory       D. Both B and C

4. Smallest Part of Image in Monitor is

A. Pixel                      B. Dot pitch     C. Resolution   D. Refresh Rate

5. What is the Standard Aspect Ratio of Monitor?

A. 16:9                      


C. 4:5  

D. 3:4

6. Which malicious reduce or the size of memory?

A. Virus          B. Worm                     C. Trojan Horse                       D. All of above

7. The component of Multimedia are

A. Text                       B. Image                      C. Graphics      D. All of above

8. In OSI model, Session Lies in which layer?

A. 3    B. 6      C. 5      D. 4

9. What is the subnet mask of Class C?

A.   B.         C. D. None of above

10. Which of the following is both Input and Output device?

A. NIC                        B. MODEM      C. Sound Card D. All of above

11. Arranging of data or organizing of data is

A. Gathering B. Formatting C. Referencing            D. Editing

12. The crime which occur crime with the help of computer technology is called

A. Phishing     B. Cybercrime            C. Cyber ethics            D. Cyber law

13. Assembler is used as a translator for?

A. Low level language          B. High level language            C. COBOL        D. C

14. A person who designs the programs in a software package is called

A. User           B. Software Manager C. System Developer   D. System Programmer

15. Essential file of MS DOS are

A.     B. IO.sys          C. MSdos.sys  D.All of these

16. Which of the following should be used when you want to add a slide to an existing presentation?

A. File, add New slide            B. Insert, New slide    C. File, Open   D. File, New

17. What is the term used when a clip art image changes the direction of faces?

A. Group       B. Flip  C. Rotate        D. All of above

18. What is the use of “hide slide” option?

A. To hide the selected slides during presentation          B. To hide the selected slides during editing       C. To hide the selected slides during printing            D. To hide the selected slide during deleting

19. Excel display the current cell address in the

A. Formula bar            B. Status bar    C. Name box   D. Title bar

20. Suppose cell value in A4 is 20, What will be output of formula “IF (A4<10,5,5)”?

         A. 1      B. 5      C. 7      D. 10

21. In goal seek, the ‘by changing cell’ refers to the cell

A. containing the output formula       B. containing the constraints  C. that you are attempting to calculate            D. containing the target value

22. Which areas in an excel window allows entering values and formulas?

         A. title bar       B. menu bar    C. formula bar            D. standard toolbar

23. To shift active cell to one screen left

         A. Alt + page down                B. Ctrl+ page down                 C. Alt+ page Up           D. Ctrl + Page Up

24. If you enter 5/10 In a cell reference without applying any format. Excel will display this as

         A. 0.05             B. 5-oct                        C. 10-May       D. 5/10

25. How to display updatable current date in MS Excel?

         A. DATE ()                    B. TODAY ()     C. NOW ()        D. Ctrl+;

26. _____ is used to insert hyperlink in excel

         A. Ctrl+H                     B. Ctrl+I                       C. Ctrl+L          D. Ctrl+K

  27.  ____ is used to unhide columns

         A. Ctrl+Shift+9 B. Alt+Shift+(   C. Ctrl+Shift+)            D. Ctrl+)

   28. Short cut key to split a table

  A. Ctrl+Alt+ Enter      B. Ctrl+Shift+Enter    C. Enter                       D. Shift Enter

29. Which operating system does not support long file names

A. OS/2          B. Windows 95            C. MS-DOS      D. Window-NT

30.We need system file to run in

A. OS/2            B. Windows 95            C. MS-DOS      D. Window-NT

  • What is the function of folder?

A. Save files     B. Delete files             C. Move files   D. All of these

  • Which button might you find in a windows title bar?

A. Close button            B. Maximize button    C. Minimize button`    D. All of these

33. In the relational modes, cardinality is termed as

A. number of tuples  B. number of attributes          C. number of tables    D. number of constraint

34.  Relational Calculus is a

A. Procedural Language         B. non-procedural Language            C. data definition language    D. High level language

35. The view of total database content is

A. Conceptual view   B. Internal view           C. external view          D. Physical view

36. Cartesian product in relational algebra is

A. a unary operator    B. a binary operator  C. a ternary operator  D. not defined

37. DML is provided for

A. description of logical structure of database    B. additional of new structures in the database system C. manipulation and processing of database           D. definition of physical

38. Which of the following is correct regarding underline in MS Word?

A. Color of the underline can be changed      B. Style of Underline can be changed            C. Underline can be set using by shortcut key           D. All of above

39. How many margins are there on a page?

A. Two (header and footer)    B. Four (top, bottom, right, left)      C. Two (Landscape and portrait)        D. Four(center, top, left and bottom)

40. What is the use of bookmarks in Microsoft word?

A. To easily correct the spelling error            B. To quickly jump to a specific location in the document

C. To quickly jump to the ending of the document    D. To create a link within the document

41. Which of the following can you change using the page setup dialog box?

A. Margin        B. Page Orientation    C. Vertical alignment  D. All of above

42. Before moving a sub documents to another location within a master document, you must switch to _____

A. Normal View           B. Outline view          C. Web layout View    D. Print layout view

43. Selecting text means, selecting

A. A word        B. An entire sentence C. Whole document    D all of above

44. The _____ on the right side menu bar lets user s type free form questions, such as how do I save, or terms, such as copy, and Word responds by displaying a list of topics related to the word or phrase entered

A. Type a question for help box

B. Question mark button 

C. What’s this? Command     

D. Index sheet

45. Which menu do you choose to shade words and paragraph?

A. Page Layout, borders and shading    

B. Insert, borders and shading   

C. View, shading  

D. None of above

46. What is the use of a document map?

A. To quickly format the document   

B. To quickly print required page      

C. To quickly navigate the document            

D. To quickly correct spelling mistake

47. Which of the following statement is false?

A. You can set different header and footer for even and odd pages

B. You can set different header and footer for last page of the section

C. You can set different page number formats for different section

D. You can set different header and footer for first page of a section

48. Who invented HTML?

A. Charles Babbage    B. VentCerf     C. Tim Berners Lee     D. Dennis Ritchie

49. Which of the following tag is used for inserting the largest heading in html?

A. <h3>            B. <h1>            C. <h6>            D. <h5>

50. how to create an unordered list in html?

A. <ul>            B. <ol> C. <li>  D. <l>

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