1. prakash poydel says:

    मलाई यो एप मन पर्यो

  2. खै फन्ट बिग्रीयो मात्र भन्छ जति फन्ट ईन्स्टल गर्दा पनी राम्रो चलेन

  3. Rabin Pradhan says:

    It is very good and easy for outsider nepali people.

  4. this app is easy to use but this calendar must include public holidays.

    1. Suraj Chhetri says:

      Dhanna Calender Cha Bhannu public holidays xodnu.

  5. Bhim Prakash Pun says:

    I want to install all nepali fonts

  6. @Ankjit Budha ji, Thulo Screen ko laagi date placement hune gari update garnu paryo.

  7. Er. Suman Jyoti says:

    Beautiful Apps for Windows User.

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