13 Easy Ways To Make Money Online In Nepal

Are you searching for an online money-making idea? If YES, then you are in the right place to get information on make money online in Nepal. There are lots of ways to make money online, but here I will share some authentic ways. To make passive income online, you have strong self-confidence at first. And the second thing is consistency; work until you reach your target.

People think making money online is like a rich scam where you will be a millionaire overnight. That’s completely wrong, and you have to work to get handsome money. Online working is not an easy job, and you have to work with passion. 

I have been working in an online field since 2015, and I have made a good income from different sources.

Here are some screenshots of my income.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Sales
Hosting Affiliate
Hosting affiliate sales
Hosting Affiliate
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Affiliate & Ads Network
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How To Earn Money Online In Nepal?

To make money online is not very complex. You can easily make money online to make your life easier. There are tons of ways to make money online. You have to work smartly to reach your target.

I wouldn’t recommend working online if you are looking for overnight success. Working online is easy, but you have to make sure what you are doing or what your roadmap is for the future.

Bloggers, freelancers, and others online entrepreneurs make good money by working in online fields. There are different ways to make money online, and you have to choose the right path as per your passion. Don’t work online for the sake of money because it’s not easy to get money from an online field. 

In this detail, you will learn exactly how you can make money. Those methods are proven, and probably you are here from somewhere. Getting involved in online work is easy, but you can’t make money until you work hard. 

There are lots of scammers who guide you on the wrong path, such as network marketing or other stupid sites. Here I will share a few genuine sites and ways to make money online in Nepal.

What You Need to Know about Getting Started

I already informed you that online work is not a rich scheme, so you have to work hard to get a single penny. You have to set your mind to online work and dedicate yourself to work. If you give quality time and work for your online work, then definitely success is on your side.

Challenges of Working Online In Nepal

Working online in Nepal is not easy as compared in other countries. Here we have to deal with lots of things such as payment gateway, internet costs, gadgets for online work, and not supportive parents.

The main reason for people not being involved in online work is international payment gateways. In Nepal, there are no international payment gateways to send and receive money online. We have to depend upon third-party service providers to use international payments. Another big issue is internet cost and access. There is no internet in many areas of Nepal. We have to use slow internet with high cost. This is another reason for underdevelopment in the online sector in Nepal.

Best Platform To Make Online In Nepal

# Youtube

If you want to make money online in Nepal, you are the first choice. Youtube is one of the biggest social media sites where people share videos and get paid. This is the easiest way to make money online and also genuine ways. There are lots of examples where people paid millions of dollars on youtube. Youtube is a company of Google, so you can make lots of money. 

If you are interested in acting or like to create video content, then you can make money from youtube in Nepal. The verification process is easy and doesn’t require much time. If you reach their minimum requirement, you can easily get verified from youtube. 

People don’t get success on youtube because of their wrong decision. That means if you choose the wrong niche or category to start a channel, you won’t get success. You have to go with a specific category and make continuous quality videos.

# Freelancing

Freelancing is another biggest platform to make money online in Nepal. There are different freelancing websites where you can work full-time or part-time. If you have any skills, you can work as a freelancer in Nepal. The skills like content writing, audio artist, graphic designer, etc. If you don’t have skills, then you can easily learn new skills from youtube or Udemy.

Best freelancing websites

  • Fiverr
  • Toptal
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer.com
  • Flexjobs
  • SimplyHired
  • Guru

# Blogging

Blogging is a very popular way to make money online. You can make money online in Nepal by publishing web content. You can start your blog on blogging platforms like blogger, medium, and quora. But, if you want long-term work and passive income, then go with your blog, which has built-in WordPress cms.

You can make unlimited money online just by publishing content on your website. Now the question is how you can make money exactly? If you create your blog, you have to integrate ads like Google AdSense, affiliate network, medium, etc. 

Blogging Platform

# Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is booming nowadays. Most of the companies offer affiliates, so you can join with them and make money online. If you refer someone to use their product, you’ll get paid for the referred customer.

You can start affiliate marketing in different ways, and there are paid or free methods. In a free method, you can affiliate with your blog or free platform such as social media, quora, medium, youtube, and so on. In paid methods, you can promote your affiliate product using ads on Facebook, Google, and other networks.

Best Affiliate Network

# Online survey

The online survey is another easy way to make money online. You have to complete surveys to get paid. Most new companies or new products require public votes on how their product works, so they offer an online survey to review their product.

# Sell e-Book

Ebook is a book in the web version. You can read an ebook on your PC or mobile. If you like to write, then you can create your ebook and sell it on different platforms. Selling an ebook is easy, and you can make money from different platforms.

# Domain Flipping

The domain name is most important for the business. If any business requires a domain, but if they can’t register directly because someone already buys, then they have to pay for the domain owner. The process is simple: you have to register a domain that has some potential for the future and list it on the marketplace to sell. If you have a good domain name, then there is a high chance it will sell in good amounts.

Best place to register domain

# Sell Photos Online

The photo is copyright material, so we can’t use photos without the owner’s permission. If you have a good camera or smartphone, then you can easily make money online in Nepal just by your photos and videos.

Sell Photos Online
Sell Photo On Shutterstock

There are lots of online platforms where you can sell your photos and videos. They pay handsome money if your photos are sold. A good photo can explain thousand’s words, so take a good photo and try to sell. 

Platform To Sell Photos

  • Stock Photo
  • Sutter stock

# Dropshipping

This is a business model where you have to work as an eCommerce vendor. Most companies offer to dropship, and many people make a good amount from dropshipping. In the dropship business, you have to order product replacements, so your customer gets the product from the company. You just have to work as a middle person. 

# Become a video editor

Video editing is one of the best jobs. Where you have to explain a story from your video, so if you are good at video editing, you’ll get projects from different freelance sites or direct clients. If you don’t know how to become a video editor, you can learn video editing on youtube and Udemy.

# Make Money by Selling Online Courses

If you are good at something, you can be an instructor. You can create an online course and sell it out on different platforms. Online class is booming because of covid19. You can create online courses easily using your smartphone or laptop. You can earn more money if you have a piece of special knowledge. The topics related to cryptocurrency, coding, online money earning, etc., have huge opportunities to make money online. 

# Selling Digital Products

Selling digital products is one of the best ways to make money online in Nepal. A digital product such as source code, audio, video, themes, plugins, and more. You can sell your product on different platforms. It can change your life if you have a piece of good knowledge about your project.

# Offer Consulting

Suppose you are good at consulting, then you can make money online just sitting in front of your laptop or smartphone. Different companies hire freelance counselors to counsel their customers on various topics. You can get involved in counseling from different platforms.

How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

As a beginner, you have to take care of a few important things. Making money online is easy, but you have to be honest with yourself. For the sake of money, people jump into unknown things and fail. In the beginning, you have to choose a sector where you want to work because of your passion. 

As a beginner, you can learn different skills online as per your passion. An example, if you like to write, then you can learn how to write good content for the web, SEO optimized content for blogs, etc. There are huge opportunities for writers. So, in the beginning, learn a few skills and then try to get into online work.

Without any skill, you can’t make good money. Don’t ever think you can’t make money online because you don’t have any knowledge. You can learn things easily from the internet.


Hope you get an actionable guide on how you can make money online in Nepal. There are tons of ways to make money online in Nepal but these are the best and easy to get started. Working online is easy but you have to work consistently and it’s not a rich scheme so you have to work like you are running a business. So, don’t wait for the next day, start today and try to do your best in your work.

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