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Now, know more about Nepali times and dates.

Nepal has a distinctive time and date system and is well-known for its stunning mountains, varied cultures, and friendly people. In contrast, this landlocked country is tiny yet has a rich cultural past. Travelers and anybody curious about the culture of Nepal must be aware of Nepali times and dates.

How To Check Today Nepali Date?

Hope you have already seen live today Nepali date at the beginning of this blog. We have developed a dynamic Nepali calendar where you can see today’s Nepali month, day, and current Nepali time. You can bookmark this page to check Nepali dates and times daily. It helps you to save time searching for new ways to check today calendar Nepali.

The Nepali Calendar: Bikram Sambat

The Bikram Sambat calendar serves as the foundation for Nepali timekeeping. The Gregorian calendar is roughly 56 years and 8.5 months behind this old calendar. It has 12 months, each corresponding to a different zodiac sign. The “Nepal Sambat,” known as the new year, is gleefully observed.

Special Nepali Time Events and Festivals

There are many festivals in Nepal, each closely related to the Nepali calendar. Learn about the main celebrations in Nepal, including their relationship to the Bikram Sambat calendar.

So, calendars help us keep track of time, right? And there are two calendars that people use – the one we all know, the Gregorian Calendar, and the unique Nepali Calendar used in Nepal. Let’s discuss three big differences between these calendars and what makes the Nepali Calendar so special.

Here is the month difference between the Nepali calendar and the Gregorian Calendar.

In Nepali months, the following names are used for Nepali dates.

Nepali MonthsGregorian Months
बैशाखApril – May
जेठMay – Junen
असारJune – July
श्रावणJuly – August
भद्रAugust – September
आश्विनSeptember – October
कार्तिकOctober – November
मंसिरNovember – December
पुषDecember – January
माघJanuary – February
फाल्गुनFebruary – March
चैत्रMarch – April

Below, you will find the difference in week names between the Nepali and Gregorian calendars.

In Nepali, the days of the week are named as follows:

Nepali WeekGregorian Week

How does the Bikram Sambat calendar differ from the Gregorian calendar?

The Gregorian calendar is solar, but the Bikram Sambat calendar is lunar and based on Hindu customs. Bikram Sambat is ahead by almost 56 years and 8.5 months in terms of the year count, which is the main difference.

Can I use my smartphone to convert Nepali time?

With the help of smartphone apps and online resources, you can easily convert Nepali time to your local time zone. This practical approach can help ensure that you easily navigate your trip to Nepal.

What is the most significant festival celebrated in Nepal, and how is it connected to the calendar?

Vijaya Dashami or Dashain is a major holiday in Nepal celebrated during the 15-day Ashwin lunar month. It’s a time for families to gather and seek blessings from elders.

How to get a Nepali date on mobile?

You can install the Nepali Patro or Hamro Patro mobile app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. They provide live dates and times with the latest news updates features.

Download Nepali Calendar For PC?

You can download and install the Nepali calendar for your PC from our website. The Nepali calendar software is amazing; it works on all Windows versions and doesn’t need to install additional plugs or software to run it.

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