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1. A computer network permits sharing of
a. Resource
b. Information
c. Both a and b
d. None of these

2. The first operational computer network in the world was the __ for the United states Department of Defense

3. ATM stands for
a. Automatic teller Machine
b. Automated teller Machine
c. Automatic transfer machine
d. Automated transfer machine

4. __ is the technology that connects the machines and people within a site in a small area
a. LAN
b. MAN
c. WAN
d. None of these

5.__ is a network that covers geographical areas that are larger, such as districts or cities.
a. LAN
b. MAN
c. WAN
d. None of these

6__ is a network that the technology connects sites that are in diverse locations
a. LAN
b. MAN
c. WAN
d. Ring Topology

7__ is a collection of point-to –point links that may form a circle
a. LAN
b. WAN
c. Bus
d. Ring

8. ATM networks are
a. Connectionless
b. Interconnected
c. Connected oriented
d. None of these

9. DHCP stands for
a. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
b. Digital Host Communication Provider
c. Digital Host Communication Protocol
d. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

10. The ISDN Internetworking Equipment device are
a. Terminal Adapter
b. ISDN Bridge
c. ISDN Router
d. All of these

11. Which connector is used for Telephone?
a. RJ45
b. RJ23
c. RJ11
d. RJ22

12. Which topology is used in coaxial cable in Communication media?
a. Star
b. Ring
c. Bus
d. Both b and c

13. How many cable are connected in Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable?
a. 4
b. 8
c. 2
d. 1

14. Which Topology is used in Shielded Twisted Pair cable?
a. Star
b. Ring
c. Bus
d. Both b and c

15. Which cable is used to connect RJ45 for pure internet?
a. Twisted Pair cable
b. Coaxial cable
c. Both of these
d. None of them

16. What is the bandwidth of Coaxial Cable in Transmission media?
a. 1mbps
b. 10mbps
c. 100mbps
d. 16 to 500mbps

17. Which of the following is bounded media?
a. Ring Topology
b. LAN
c. Fiber Optical cable
d. Radio wave

18. “To place Nepal on the global map of Information Technology within 5 year” According to which IT Policy does the vision is mentioned?
a. 2057
b. 2062
c. 2072
d. None of them

19. Network of networks is called
a. Subnet
b. Internet
c. Intranet
d. Extranet

20. Place holder of website is
a. Website
b. Search engine
c. Home page
d. www

21. Which device is known as Ferroelectric magnetic disk
a. Semiconductor
b. Floppy disk
c. Optical disk
d. Hard disk

22. Which malware software occupied memory space in both memory and storage device?
a. Virus
b. Worm
c. Trojan Horse
d. All of above

23. Which port is used in audio / Video?
a. Monitor
b. Printer

24. Which Monitor required High resolution while displaying?
a. CRT
b. LCD
c. LED
d. TFT

25. Which of the following factor that affect the performance of CPU?
a. Word length
b. Clock speed
c. Cache memory
d. Al l of above

26. Which of the following is not the function of CPU
a. Fetch
b. Execute
c. Storage
d. Memory

27. Which of the following is not a part of digitizer
a. Stick
b. Digitizing tablet
c. Cursor
d. Stylus

28. Which of the following is not a point and draw device
a. Keypad
b. Trackball
c. Touch screen
d. Mouse

29. Which of the following is not a mouse action?
a. Left Click
b. Right Click
c. pointing
d. Drag and drop

30. Which key in a keyboard use to erase the text to the right of the insertion point?
a. Backspace
b. Delete
c. Esc
d. Tab key

31. Which of these is a standard interface for serial data transmission?
b. RS232C
c. 2
d. Centronics

32. Which type of topology is best suited for large business which must carefully control and coordinate the operation of distributed branch outlets?
a. Ring
b. Local area
c. Hierarchical
d. Star

33. Which of the following transmission is not a legitimate channel?
a. Simplex
b. Half duplex
c. Full Duplex
d. Double Duplex

34. “Parity bits” is used for which of the following purpose?
a. Encryption of data
b. To transmit faster
c. To detect error
d. To identify the users

35. What kind of transmission medium is most appropriate to carry data in a computer network that is exposed to electrical interferences?
a. Unshielded Twisted Pair
b. Optical fiber
c. Coaxial Cable
d. Microwave

36. A collection of hyperlinked documents on the internet forms the?
a. WWW
b. E-mail system
c. Mailing list
d. Hypertext markup Language

37. The location of a resource on the internet is given by its
a. Protocol
b. URL
c. E-mail address
d. ICQ

38. A proxy server is used as the computer?
a. With external access
b. Acting as a backup
c. Performing the handling
d. Accessing user performance

39. Which software prevents the external access to a system?
a. Firewall
b. Gateway
c. Router
d. Virus checker

40. Which one of the following is valid email address?
c. ankjit@.tcom
d. ankjimail@books

41. The FTP stands for?
a. File transfer program
b. File transmission protocol
c. File transfer protocol
d. File transfer protection

42. At what speed does tele-compound refer?
a. Interface seed
b. Cycle per second
c. Baud rate
d. Megabyte

43. Which one of the following is not a network topology?
a. Tree
b. Ring
c. Bus
d. Peer to peer

44. The maximum length (in bytes) of an IPV4 diagram is?
a. 32
b. 1024
c. 65535
d. 512

45. The IP network is to be divided into 10 equal sized subnets. Which of the following subnet mask can be used for the above requirement?
a. 255. 243.240
d. 255.255.255

46. The WAN stand for?
a. Wide Area Net
b. Wide Access Network
c. Wide Area Network
d. Wide Access Net

47. Which of the following cannot be used as a medium for 802.3 ethernet?
a. A thin coaxial cable
b. A twisted pair cable
c. A microwave link
d. A fiber optical cable

48. What IP address class allocates 8 bits for the host identification part?
a. Class A
b. Class B
c. Class C
d. Class D

49. The term IANA stands for
a. Internet Assigned Number Authority
b. Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
c. Internet Associative Number Authoritative
d. Internal Associative Number Authority

50. How many version are available of IP?
a. 6
b. 4
c. 2
d. 1

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