Computer Operator Questions - Computer Fundamentals MCQs

Computer Operator Questions – Computer Fundamentals MCQs

1.       Not a way for transmitting data from one place to another using computer(5th)

a)      Full Duplex

b)      Half Duplex

c)       Multiplex

d)      simplex

Answer: – c) Multiplex

2.       Which is true about unicode?

a)      Universal character encoding

b)      Universal Code encoding

c)       Universal character encoding

d)      Unique Code encoding

Answer: a) Universal character encoding

3.       Which one of the following is the fastest memory?

a)      Cache memory

b)      Register

c)       RAM

d)      ROM

Answer: – b) Register

4.       The firmware of a computer is typically stored in?

a)      Cache

b)      Hard disk

c)       RAM

d)      ROM

Answer: c) ROM

5.       ….. is an example of sequential access device

a)      Processor

b)      Hard disk

c)       RAM

d)      Cache

Answer: – b) Hard Disk

6.       What is the size of source and destination IP addresses in IP header?

a)      4 bits

b)      8 bits

c)       32 bits

d)      12 bits

Answer: c) 32 bits

7.       VIRUS stands for

a)      Very important resource under search

b)      Virtual information resource under seize

c)       Verify interchange result until source

d)      Very important record under searched

Answer: – b) Virtual information resource under seize

8.       Which of the following can be software?

a)      Router

b)      Firewall

c)       Gateway

d)      Modem

Answer: – b) Firewall

9.       The tracks on a disk which can be accessed without repositioning the R/W heads is

a)      Surface

b)      Cylinder

c)       Cluster

d)      Head

Answer: – b) Cylinder

10.    Which parts interpret program instructions and initiate control operations?

a)      Input

b)      Storage

c)       Logic Unit

d)      Control Unit

Answer:- d) Control Unit

11.   What does the disk drive of the computer do?

a)      Read the disk

b)      Load the program from disk to the memory

c)       Both A and B

d)      None of above

Answer: – c) Both A and B

12.   An input device that converts data punched into paper tape into binary format is

a)      Page reader

b)      Card punch (punched Card)

c)       Paper tape punch

d)      Paper tape reader

Answer: – c) Paper tape punch

13.   Recently deleted files are

a)      Stored in recycle bin

b)      Stored in desktop

c)       Deleted permanently

d)      Stored in my computer

Answer: – a) Stored in recycle bin

14.   Which DOS command allows you to compress existing disk and to create new compressed volumes?

a)      DEFRAG

b)      DBLSPACE

c)       SCANDISK

d)      MSAV

Answer: – b) DBLSPACE

15.   Programs stored in ROM are called ….

a)      Hardware

b)      Firmware

c)       Software

d)      None of above

Answer: – b) Firmware

16.   ASCII stands for

a)      American Stable code for International Interchange

b)      American Standard Case for Institutional Interchange

c)       American Standard Code for Information Interchange

d)      American Standard Code for Interchange Information

Answer: – c) American Standard Code for Information Interchange

17.   The two basic types of record access methods are

a)      Sequential and Random

b)      Sequential and Indexed

c)       Direct and Immediate

d)      On-line and Real-time

Answer: – a) Sequential and Random

18.   Which technology is used in compact disks?

a)      Mechanical

b)      Electrical

c)       Electro Magnetic

d)      Laser

Answer: – d) Laser

19.   What do you call the translator that translates assembly language programs into machine codes?

a)      Compiler

b)      Interpreter

c)       Debugger

d)      Assembler

Answer: – d) Assembler

20.   Which of the following malicious code is host dependent? (backdoor)

a)      Virus

b)      Worm

c)       Trojan Horse

d)      Logic bomb

Answer: – a) Virus

21.   Through which device the main components of a computer communicate with each other?

a)      Keyboard

b)      System bus

c)       Monitor

d)      Memory

Answer: – b) System bus

22.   The device that transforms digital signal to analog signal and vice versa is known as?

a)      Modem

b)      Multiplexer

c)       Modulator

d)      Transformer

Answer: – a) Modem

23.   Which of the following storage devices can store the maximum amount of data?

a)      Floppy disk

b)      Hard disk

c)       Compact disk

d)      Magneto Optic disk

Answer: – b) Hard disk

24.   The Analytical Engine developed during First Generation of computer used…. as a memory unit

a)      RAM

b)      Floppies

c)       Cards

d)      Counter Wheels

Answer: – Counter Wheels

25.   The output quality of the printer is measured by

a)      Dot per sq. inch

b)      Dot per inch

c)       Dots printed per unit Time

d)      All of the above

Answer: – b) Dot per inch

26.   Specialized program that allows user to utilize in specific application is classified as

a)      Relative programs

b)      Application programs

c)       Replicate programs

d)      None of the above

Answer: – b) Application programs

27.   Techniques used in ‘character recognition ‘includes

a)       Optical character recognition(OCR)

b)      Magnetic Ink Character Recognition(MICR)

c)       Replicate Program

d)      Both A and B

Answer: – d) Both A and B

28.   Operating systems, Editor and Debuggers come under….

a)      Utility Software

b)      Middleware software

c)       Application software

d)      System software

Answer: – d) System software

29.   Which generation of computer was based on a GUI based operating system?

a)      First

b)      Second

c)       Third

d)      Fourth (Xerox)

Answer: – d) Fourth (Xerox)

30.   Which type of scanner is used in point of sales?

a)      OCR

b)      OBCR

c)       OML

d)      MICR

Answer: -b) OBCR

31.   Which among the following is not a Linux operating system?

a)      Fedora

b)      Mint

c)       Red Hat

d)      Solaris

Answer: – d) Solaris

32.   What is the storage element for static RAM?

a)      Diode

b)      Resistor

c)       Capacitor

d)      Flip-flop

Answer: – d) Flip-flop

33.   Which of the following devices is best to use when designing a SOHO network to ensure the least amount of collisions?

a)      Switch

b)      Bridge

c)       Hub

d)      Access Point

Answer: – a) Switch

34.   Which of the following devices has a MAC address?

a)      Network Card

b)      Modem

c)       Sound Card

d)      Amplifier

Answer: – a) Network Card

35.   Which of the following character cannot used with file name in windows?(/:*<>|\”|)

a)       .

b)      /

c)       *

d)      +

Answer: – b) /

36.   Even after a major component failure, the system continues working as if nothing has happened. What is it called?

a)      Redundancy

b)      Interoperability

c)       Fault tolerance

d)      backup

Answer: – c) Fault tolerance

37.   Which is the valid Unicode format?

a)      UTF-A

b)      UTF-B

c)       UTF-8

d)      UTF-1

Answer: – c) UTF-8

38.   What is the octal equivalent of (AB)16?

a)      253

b)      325

c)       523

d)      532

Answer: – a) 253

39.   What would you do for the quick access to the page you visited?

a)      Saving it as favorite /bookmark

b)      Typing the URL into the search bar

c)       Searching for it on Google

d)      Going to another page that links to all

Answer: – a) Saving it as favorite /bookmark

40.   Hard disk uses magnetic storage to store data using rapidly rotating disks called

a)      Flatter

b)      Actuator

c)       Head

d)      Platter

Answer: – d) Platter

41.   Which of the following devices can be used for both input device and output device?

a)      Barcode reader

b)      Plotter

c)       Touch screen

d)      All of the above

Answer: – c) Touch screen

42.   An information in a disk drive is accessed by address containing

a)      Track number

b)      Sector number

c)       Surface number

d)      All of the above

Answer: – d) All of the above

43.   All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risks excepts

a)      Hackers

b)      Spam

c)       Viruses

d)      Identify theft

Answer: – b) Spam

44.   Which of the following extends a private network across public networks?

a)      Local Area Network

b)      Virtual Private Network

c)       Enterprise Private Network

d)      Storage Area Network

Answer: – b) Virtual Private Network

45.   The reason for the implementation of the cache memory is

a)      To increase the internal memory of the system

b)      To reduce the memory access and cycle time

c)       To control the difference in speed of operation of the processor and memory

d)      All of above

Answer: – c) To control the difference in speed of operation of the processor and memory

46.   IBM 1401 is

a)      A. First Generation of Computer

b)      Second Generation of computer

c)       Third Generation of computer

d)      Fourth Generation of Computer

Answer: – b) Second Generation of computer

47.   The ALU of a computer contains a number of high speed storage element called

a)      Semiconductor memory

b)      Registers

c)       Hard disks

d)      Magnetic disk

Answer: – b) Registers

48.   What is a compiler?

a)      A compiler does a conversion line by line as the program is run

b)      A compiler converts the whole of a higher level program code into machine code in one step

c)       A compiler is general purpose language providing very efficient execution

d)      None of above

Answer: – b) A compiler converts the whole of a higher level program code into machine code in one step

49.   IN computer network, is not any network types

a)      Metropolitan Area Network

b)      Public Area Network

c)       Wireless LAN

d)      Personal Area Network

Answer: – b) Public Area Network

50.   A private enterprise network which is designed to support an organization’s employees to communicate, collaborate and perform their roles is called

a)      Email

b)      Internet

c)       Extranet

d)      Intranet

Answer: – d) Intranet

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