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Are you looking for a Nepali Unicode Traditional Download For Free to install on your computer? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here, we will share traditional Nepali Unicode and its keyboard layout. Not only that, I will share some essential tips to increase your typing speed on the Nepali Unicode Traditional layout.

Choosing the right tool to type Nepali is not easy. There are different tools you can find in the market to type Nepali. Nepali typing skill is most important for every sector. Especially if you are preparing to look Sewa aayog, this keyboard tool will help you type fast.

The Nepali keyboard plays a significant role in speeding up your Nepali typing speed. You can type in the Nepali language using the Preeti font. Nepali Unicode Traditional and the most popular Nepali typing font Preeti are almost identical. You can start typing Nepali by Nepali Unicode Traditional Download on your PC or laptop.

What is Nepali Unicode Traditional?

The Nepali Unicode Traditional is one of the popular Nepali typing tools. It has a keyboard layout just like the Preeti font. If you have previous experience typing using Preeti, you will instantly boost your Nepali typing speed. You can use Nepali Unicode daily because almost all operating systems support it nowadays. The popular Windows operating system also supports traditional Unicode.

This is a prevalent Nepali typing tool. Nepali government offices also use this typing tool, so if you are preparing for PSC Nepal, this is the right tool. Lok Sewa Aayog offers a keyboard layout or Unicode to test Nepali typing skills. So, this tool is straightforward to learn and easy to understand. It is one of the oldest Nepali typing tools on the market.

The Nepali Unicode Traditional Download For your laptop or PC without any error. There is no hidden fee or any add-on to buy. You can enjoy your Nepali typing tool as your primary keyboard.

Traditional Nepali Unicode Keyboard Layout

The Nepali Unicode Traditional has a clean and straightforward keyboard layout to learn quickly. It has a keyboard layout just like the Preeti font. If you are familiar with the Preeti font or Preeti Keyboard Layout, you can use the Nepali Unicode Traditional like a pro.

The shortcut key is also easy to understand, and you can use these shortcuts just like the standard keyboard layout. You don’t need to spend much time learning Nepali typing because it has a straightforward interface.

The keyboard layout of Nepali Unicode traditional:


Is Nepali Unicode Traditional faster than Romanized?

In the scene of learning and popularity, it’s faster than Romanized. You can type Nepali super fast. You just need to do regular practice. If you already have experience with the Preeti font, you don’t need to learn more about Nepali Unicode traditional.

Who Developed The Traditional Nepali Unicode

All the earlier software developed by MPP, including the Nepali Unicode Keyboard Layouts, will now be maintained and further developed by Language Technology Kendra, a non-profit sharing company, which is a collaboration between Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya(MPP), Kathmandu University, Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DoCSE) and Tribhuvan University, Central Department of Linguistics(CDL).

How to Install Nepali Unicode Traditional

The installation process of Nepali Unicode traditional is straightforward. Please follow the given steps to install a traditional Unicode on your computer.

Nepali Unicode Traditional  Installation Process:

  • Download the Software from the above link.
  • Extract the downloaded file.
  • Open the folder, then find the Setup application.
  • Right-click in the Setup application.
  • Click on the run as administrator.
  • Install It and then restart your computer once.
The process to install Unicode Traditional on the computer

You have to add the Nepali Language to your computer’s system’s languages list to use the Nepali Unicode Traditional Keyboard Layout. And for that, follow the following process.

  1. Go to Settings and click on Time and Languages.
  2. Then click on language and go to Preferred Languages options.
  3. Click on Add a language. And then search language. And install 2. Nepali (Nepal) is already installed here, so it is not seen as other.
  4. And restart your computer. Then, you can use the following Nepali Unicode Traditional Keyboard layout and shortcut keys.

Shortcut Key For Nepali Unicode Traditional Layout

The shortcut key of Nepali Unicode is not as hard as we think. You can simply use those shortcut keys to increase your typing speed. Here is the Nepali Unicode traditional Keyboard layout with shortcut keys.

The shortcut key for traditional Nepali Unicode layout:

Nepali Unicode Traditional Keyboard Layout

Conclusion on Nepali Unicode Traditional Download

I hope you’ll get the complete guide on Nepali Unicode Traditional Download. Not only that, you can now easily install it on your computer with just a few clicks. You have your fully detailed traditional Nepali Unicode keyboard layout. Please comment if you have any issues during the installation process, and I will help solve your problem.

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  2. Nepali Unicode is a beautiful script and I’m glad to see it being used more and more.

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