Mechanical Keyboard Price In Nepal

Best Mechanical Keyboard Price in Nepal in 2023

A mechanical keyboard is more than simply a tool in the world of technology; it’s an experience. Mechanical keyboards are a favorite among gamers and professional workers due to their fast responsiveness, tactile feedback, and pleasing click-clack sound. In this guide, I’ll deeply examine the mechanical keyboard price in Nepal.

Understanding Mechanical Keyboards:

What Makes a Keyboard Mechanical?

Before discussing costs, let’s examine the differences between mechanical keyboards and their membrane cousins. Individual mechanical switches are used under each keycap in mechanical keyboards. These switches offer a distinctive keypress feel, with numerous switch types accommodating differing preferences.

You can replace the different keyboard switches and keycaps as per your requirements. You can modify or do so-called keyboard modding on Mechanical keyboards. If one switch is damaged, it can be replaced without buying a new keyboard.

You’ll love having RGB lights on your setup if you’re a gamer. Mechanical keyboards are especially known for their RGB features. Most of the Mechanical keyboards offer customization options for RBG light.

Things To Consider Before Buy

Before buying a mechanical keyboard, there are a few things to consider. This will help you decide which keyboard is best for you.

Switch Type Matters

Various switch types have a range of prices. We’ll include the most popular switches along with their corresponding pricing points. Mechanical switches are the most important thing to consider before buying. It’s important to know which switches you need.

Here is the infographic for different types of switches and their behavior.

mechanical keyboard switches

Build Materials

The build materials used in a keyboard can greatly affect its durability and overall feel. So, materials used in the keyboard’s manufacturing are important. Steel, aluminum, and ABS plastic frames are used to build a Mechanical keyboard. The built quality of your keyboard plays a major role in how you get the type of sound.

Brand Influence

Some brands are considered the height of innovation and excellence. Established brands make excellent products, but newcomers make different ones. Popular brands build quality products over cheap and unreliable products. I highly recommend going with popular keyboard brands such as Redgragon, Fantech, Cosmic Byte, and Logitech.

Mechanical Keyboard Price in Nepal

Hope you understand the basics about the mechanical keyboard, Now let’s move into your gaming keyboard list.

Top 5 Redragon keyboards, along with their features and specifications:

Redragon K552 Kumara Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB Backlit

Redragon K552
Switch TypeBlue Switch mechanical switches
BacklightingRGB backlighting with adjustable brightness levels
ConstructionDurable metal and ABS construction with plate-mounted keys
FeaturesTenkeyless design, anti-ghosting, and splash-proof design
AdditionalHigh-Speed USB cable with gold-plated corrosion free USB connector
PriceNPR. 4799

Redragon K556 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Redragon K556 RGB
Switch TypeOutemu Blue mechanical switches
BacklightingRGB LED backlighting with 18 preset lighting modes
ConstructionSolid aircraft-grade aluminum frame and double-shot injection keycaps
FeaturesN-key rollover, customizable macros, and detachable wrist-rest
AdditionalSoftware for advanced customization and a durable braided USB cable
PriceNPR. 7999 (No Official)

Redragon K580 VATA RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Redragon K580
Switch TypeOutemu Blue mechanical switches
BacklightingRGB LED backlighting with 18 lighting effects
ConstructionFull-Sized 100% layout with an aluminum top plate and ABS
Features12 Dual action FN and multimedia keys, hot-swappable keys, and macro support
AdditionalRGB side edge lighting, compatible with Windows and macOS, Gold-plated USB
PriceNPR. 5499

Redragon K530 Draconic 60% Compact Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Redragon K530 Draconic
Switch TypeOutemu Brown mechanical switches
BacklightingRGB LED backlighting with customizable lighting effects
ConstructionCompact 60% layout with a aluminum top plate and ABS
FeaturesWireless Bluetooth 5.0, hot-swappable keys, and customizable key bindings
AdditionalDetachable Type-C Cable, compatible with various devices.
PriceNPR. 6890

EYooso 60% Mechanical RGB Keyboard Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

E Yooso 60 Mechanical Keyboard
Switch TypeOutemu Red mechanical switches
BacklightingRGB LED backlighting with 18 backlight modes
ConstructionErgonomic 60% Keyboard with aluminum top plate and ABS
FeaturesWireless Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4G, hot-swappable keys, and customizable key
AdditionalWidely Compatibility, Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard and Compact Design
PriceNPR. 5999

Redragon Deimos K599 Wireless 2.4G+Wired Mechanical keyboard

Redragon Deimos K599
Switch TypeOutemu Blue mechanical switches
BacklightingRGB LED backlighting with customizable lighting effects
ConstructionCompact tenkeyless design with a metal top plate and ABS
FeaturesN-key rollover, tactile switches for clicky feedback, detachable USB-C cable, wired and wireless mode
AdditionalIt is ideal for gamers who prefer a compact layout with a wireless and clean setup.
PriceNPR. 5999

Whether you’re a gamer seeking accurate keystrokes, a gamer seeking customized RGB lighting, or someone needing a small and wireless keyboard solution, these Redragon keyboards offer a variety of alternatives to suit different interests and purposes. Because each keyboard has distinctive qualities, Redragon keyboards are popular in the mechanical keyboard industry.

Top 5 Fantech keyboards, along with their features and specifications:

Fantech MK871 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Fantech MK871 Pro
Switch TypeOutemu Blue mechanical switches
BacklightingRGB LED backlighting with 8 stunning LED lighting effects
ConstructionAluminum top plate and ABS material
FeaturesWaterproof & Dustproof, Anti Ghost Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 8 Macro
AdditionalCompact tenkeyless design, dedicated media controls, and durable build quality

Fantech OPTILITE MK872 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Fantech OPTILITE MK872 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Switch TypeBlue or Brown Optical Switch
BacklightingFull RGB LED backlighting with 19 Modes of RGB Illumination
ConstructionDurable aluminum top plate and double-shot keycaps
FeaturesDouble-injection, Water & Dust Proof, customizable key assignments
AdditionalCompact 87-key layout, detachable magnetic wrist rest, and a comfortable typing experience

Fantech MK857 Frost Wireless White Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Fantech MK857 Frost Wireless White
Switch TypeOutemu Red mechanical switches
BacklightingRGB LED backlighting with adjustable brightness
ConstructionHigh-quality ABS construction with a spill-resistant design
FeaturesFull anti-ghosting keys, Hot Swappable Switches, and a Detachable Type-C Cable
AdditionalAffordable and reliable gaming keyboard with a unique design
PriceNPR. 7899

Fantech MAXPOWER MK853 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard in Nepal

Fantech MAXPOWER MK853
Switch TypeBlue or Red mechanical switches
BacklightingRGB Gradient – 22 modes
ConstructionTop metal plate with core Construction with ABS Plastic
FeaturesFull Keys Anti-Ghosting, Nylon braided cable, Double-injection Keycaps
Additional104 Total Keys, Compatibility, 1 Years Warranty and Wrist-rest
PriceNPR. 6499

Fantech offers a wide range of keyboards to different preferences and budgets. Whether you’re a gamer seeking mechanical switches with RGB lighting or needing an affordable and reliable typing solution, Fantech keyboards have something for you. Their keyboards have gained popularity among gamers and keyboard enthusiasts due to their high performance and reliability. Fantech has many loyal customers in Nepal, with branches throughout the country.

Where to Buy

Local Retailers

Before making a purchase, exploring local shops and businesses can be a fantastic way to get a feel for the keyboards. You can search a directory of reliable retailers in Nepal. You can buy mechanical keyboards from across Nepal. But you need to conform after sales and support.

A mechanical keyboard from the local store is a good deal because you can check the keyboard, sound, and RGB quality. You can also buy a mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse in a combo offer.

Online Marketplaces

In the digital age, online marketplaces have become a popular option for shopping. If you have a decent knowledge of keyboards and have already done online research, you can order from the online platform. Here are some reliable platforms to find a wide range of mechanical keyboards.

  • Daraz Online
  • Oliz Store
  • Neostore


Navigating the prices of mechanical keyboards in Nepal may seem overwhelming. However, with our knowledge, you can make an informed decision. Remember that the right mechanical keyboard is an investment in your comfort and productivity. Hope you get about the gaming keyboard price in Nepal.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are mechanical keyboards worth the price? 

Mechanical keyboards are worth investing in because of their tactile feel and durability.

Which switch type is the best for gaming?

It depends on your preference. Some gamers prefer clicky switches for the audible feedback, while others opt for linear switches for smooth keypresses based on personal preference.

Can I find customizable keycaps in Nepal?

A: Yes, you can. Some local retailers and online marketplaces offer a variety of keycap sets for customization.

Can I buy red/blue/brown switches in Nepal? 

Certainly, there are various local retailers and online markets in Nepal where you can purchase additional switches.

Are wireless mechanical keyboards available? 

Yes, there are wireless options available in Nepal. They provide convenience and a clutter-free workspace. Some keyboards come with dual connection modes, wired and wireless.

Do mechanical keyboards require special maintenance? 

To keep your keyboard functioning well, clean it regularly and lubricate when needed.

Can I use a mechanical keyboard for typing and gaming? 

Absolutely! Mechanical keyboards are great for typing and gaming because of their tactile switches and quick response times.

What’s the warranty coverage for mechanical keyboards in Nepal? 

It’s important to review the warranty details of the brand and model you’re interested in before making a purchase, as the terms may be different.

Are there any Nepali keyboard manufacturers? 

You may not find many local manufacturers in Nepal that produce keyboards, but worry not! International brands have got you covered. You’ll find various keyboard options from different parts of the world, allowing you to pick the one that suits your needs and preferences.

What are the specific prices of Fantech keyboards in Nepal? 

The price of Fantech keyboards depends on various factors, such as the quality of materials used, the type of switches, and, most importantly, the keyboard’s chip.

What are the switches with the best sound?

Various mechanical switches are available, each with its unique sound and feedback. Before choosing a keyboard, consider where and how it will be used. For gamers, red switches may be preferred, while those who enjoy typing may prefer the more audible blue switches. You can listen to the click sound from here.

Which is the best budget mechanical keyboard?

The Redragon K552 Kumara mechanical gaming keyboard is the best budget gaming keyboard. Compared to other keyboards, this keyboard offers the best build quality, customizable RGB light, enkeyless design, and anti-ghosting features.

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